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How does darling loose bowels do? This is a great way to help you!

The baby is the mother's little angel. However, for the big guy who just became a mother, he is a bit flustered when he meets the symptoms such as the baby's headache and fever, cold and fever. Especially when babies are suffering from diarrhea, young mothers often feel heartache but are useless. So what happens when babies have diarrhea? Here are some tips for Xiaobian to remember!

When your baby has diarrhea, you need to pay attention to the color and consistency of the baby's stool. If the color is dark green or green black, it may be the formula of fortified iron in the milk powder that the baby drinks. If the thickness is not too deep, you can not worry too much. It may be just that the General belly is cold. Young mothers should pay attention to the warm keeping measures. The navel stickers in the drugstore can also be used. At this time, the baby is very fragile, and the mothers can pacify to divert their attention. For example, touching the head, kissing the cheek and other intimate behaviors are easy to make babies feel safe.

Of course, it may also be that the baby's digestive system has problems. The digestive function of the baby's gastrointestinal tract is weak, so when the baby is indigestion, it is easy to have diarrhea and crying. At this time, mothers can take good nursing measures, choose probiotics orally, pay attention to abdominal warmth and eat less and eat more meals. If the situation is serious, it needs to be sent to pediatrics in time!

When the baby is too young, it's easy for young mothers to panic when they get sick. In this small make up to remind, don't give the babies drugs at will, is the drug three points poison, lest add frost, aggravating the condition. Babies still need to be protected. Sometimes they can cook some radish soup and scrape some apple puree to improve their diarrhea! What are you waiting for? Take it to study!