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How does newborn belch do? Moms to be don't have to watch!

Newborn babies are very vulnerable. No matter what you do, you should take good care of them. Newborns usually take abdominal breathing as the main method. When they inhale cold air or eat milk too fast, their diaphragm will contract suddenly, thus making a "burp". This is the so-called "newborn burp". Mothers to be don't have to worry about it. There are different situations and solutions to burp here.

First of all, the first method is the fastest one. When the baby burps, quickly pick up the baby, pat it on the back, and feed it with warm water. Then stimulate the baby's buttocks or soles with your hands, make him cry, stop the contraction of diaphragm, and let the baby cry for a while, then the burp will disappear naturally.

The second method is suitable for slightly burping. Cut the nail short, and then gently tickle the baby's lips or ears with the fingertips. The nerves in these two places are sensitive. Tickling can relax the baby's nerves, and the burping will slowly disappear.

The third method is to smell the baby's lips when burping. If it's sour, it means that the baby's digestion is not good recently. You can gently massage the baby's stomach or feed him a small amount of Hawthorn water, which is good for the stomach and digestion. After the digestion is normal, the burping will stop naturally.

If the baby suddenly starts to burp loudly and loudly without any disease, it is likely to catch cold. You should immediately use wet towel to heat the baby's chest and abdomen. You should cover the quilt for the baby when sleeping at night, especially the stomach. In winter, you can put a hot water bag in the quilt, but you should pay attention not to be too hot. Burping will be good naturally.