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How can babies recover quickly from cold, cough, runny nose

Because of the resistance of the baby, it is easy to catch a cold when he is not careful. When the baby has cough, runny nose and other symptoms, the baby will actually be very uncomfortable, at this time, it needs the careful care of parents. Now, let's share some ideas about how to deal with the baby's cold, cough and runny nose.

Runny nose will cause baby's breathing is not smooth, at this time to find a way to help baby to clear the runny nose in the nasal cavity. We can prepare some medical cotton balls, knead them into small sticks, gently insert them into the baby's nasal cavity, and spin them out. If the baby's nasal congestion is serious, we can drop the nasal drops into the baby's nasal cavity under the guidance of the doctor, and then use the nasal aspirator to deal with the mucus in the nasal cavity, which can effectively alleviate the baby's nasal congestion symptoms.

Because babies can't cough up the phlegm in their throats like adults, we should help babies to cough up the phlegm as much as possible. Take the baby to the bathroom and turn on the hot water to make the bathroom full of steam, which can relieve their nasal congestion, make their breathing more smooth, and also loosen the sputum in their throat to help them cough up phlegm more smoothly. In addition, an air humidifier can be installed in the room where the baby sleeps, which can help the baby relieve the dryness of throat and make them sleep better.

During the period of baby cold, we should pay attention to drinking more water for baby, which can alleviate many discomfort symptoms. For breast fed babies, we need to feed water once between two times. The baby fed with milk powder should drink a little water before and after each feeding. In addition, for the older babies, we can choose to feed them rice soup.

When a cold happens, the baby's body will be weaker. We should let the baby have enough sleep, which will help them recover. However, the cough and runny nose during the cold will affect the baby's sleep, especially the stuffy nose makes it difficult for the baby to breathe. At this time, we can use a hot towel on the baby's nose, which can make the nose smooth and make it sleep better.