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What should I do if the desktop icon is missing? What can I do?

Many people sometimes encounter the situation that there are no icons on the desktop. We can't find them in my computer, recycle bin or document. At this time, we will feel very anxious. First, we should eliminate the possibility of virus in the computer, and then solve other problems. Then we will see how to deal with the missing icons on the desktop Problem.

First of all, we can look at the taskbar on the desktop. If there is no taskbar, we can call the task manager, and then open the process tab to see if there is a process called explorer. If not, we need to load it manually. If there is a desktop icon in the taskbar but there is no desktop icon, you can try to right-click on the desktop, click the arrange icon, check the desktop icon on the display, and the desktop icon will come back.

We can also check whether the desktop icon is accidentally disabled, click to start the operation in it, then input gbedit.msc, confirm, select the user configuration in it, then select the management template in the user configuration, click the desktop, check whether the expansion item on the right hides and disables all items on the desktop, if so, double-click to pop up the settings Set the item to unconfigured.

If you think the above methods are very troublesome, there is also the simplest way to use the built-in 'system restore' function of windows system, but the premise is that the system restore function in your computer has not been turned off. Select an earlier restore point, and the problem that the computer desktop icon is missing can be solved after the restore. Click start all the programs in it, then accessories, click system tools, you can find the system restore system, then continue to open all the programs in it, and click maintain the backup and Restore Center in it. I hope the above methods can help you.