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Does halitosis make your mouth hard to open? How to solve it?

Halitosis is a common problem in life. Halitosis can affect a person's interpersonal communication, and make people dare not speak freely, for fear that a peculiar smell will affect their image in the other party's mind, and greatly affect daily life. Here are some ways to improve halitosis.

First of all, we must form the habit of gargling before and after eating to keep the mouth clean. We should pay special attention to the leftover food, such as meat and vegetables, which are not only ugly, but also give off a sour and rotten taste after fermentation, especially the food with high protein is easy to cause halitosis.

Secondly, we should improve the intestines, eat light food, and avoid greasy and stimulating food. Drink enough water every day. Keep your mouth dry. When your mouth is not wet enough, it will cause bad breath. Another way is to include tea. Tea can improve halitosis. When there is an important meeting or a date, try to take a few pieces of tea in your mouth for two to three minutes, and then take them out to relieve halitosis.

Don't eat three meals a day on time. Don't spend too much time on an empty stomach. A long time on an empty stomach can also cause halitosis. If bad breath is stubborn, you must brush your teeth after every meal. Usually, work and study are too tense. When you have time to sleep in, don't sleep too long. Generally, eight hours is enough. Don't sleep too long or too short, or it will easily cause halitosis.

Eat between Chinese food and dinner can eat some fruits, eat some fruits rich in vitamins can effectively avoid and reduce halitosis. Take gum or breath freshener with you when you go out. You can use it at any time when you feel your mouth has peculiar smell.