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What about the slow download speed of thunderbolt? These moves let you speed up in seconds!

Xunlei should be the most frequently used download software, because Xunlei should be the fastest download software in the same category, but if Xunlei software is not set properly, there are many factors that will cause the download speed to become slower and slower. Then the speed of our own thunderbolt download becomes very slow. What can we do to improve the speed? Here are some tips to improve speed summarized by Xiaobian. Let's use them now!

The easiest way is to install thunderbolt to a disk other than disk C, because Disk C is the 'control room' of Windows operating system. Every time you start a task, you need to scan disk C. During the installation of thunderbolt, the system is installed in Disk C by default, but we can choose to install thunderbolt in other disks to reduce the number of scans and improve the running speed. In addition to Xunlei's own software, it is better not to save the downloaded items in the C disk.

The second method is to adapt the number of TCP / IP connections. The default number of connections in the Microsoft system is 10, which seriously slows down the speed, especially when downloading bt seeds. It is recommended to use the 'XP system optimization tool' provided by thunderbolt, which is located in the 'tools' menu of thunderbolt, and then change the default number of connections to 1000, and restart the computer.

The third way is to turn off the option of "check virus after downloading". The scanning of general antivirus software can effectively deal with downloaded and downloaded files. Generally, downloaded movies will not contain viruses. Most of the files with viruses are in the format of RAR and exe. So just leave a basic anti-virus software on the computer, and then turn off the "download and kill virus option", then the download speed will be greatly improved.

The fourth method is to modify the configuration parameters of thunderbolt. Do not set the cache space in the disk too large. If it is too large, the cache will occupy a lot of physical memory, thus reducing the execution speed of the software. Therefore, users with memory less than 512M should set the cache below 4096k.