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How should long bubble on lip do just?

Most people have the experience of long blisters on their lips. It's inconvenient to eat when they have long blisters. Apart from the inconveniences in life, it will also affect our beauty. No matter how good-looking people have more blisters on their mouths, they won't look so good. A good mouth suddenly comes out with a blister. It's really inconvenient to look at it, so what should we do if we have long blisters on our lips Do it.

The reason for the long blister on the lips is generally because of the fire. First of all, we need to reduce the fire. Drinking summer mulberry water is very effective to reduce the fire. If you don't like the taste, you can add some ice sugar to it. Even if you don't use the fire to drink more Chrysanthemum tea, you can also clear the heat and detoxify. It can promote metabolism and discharge the waste in the body. Drinking more can also improve the skin condition.

Mung bean soup is also a good choice, can effectively alleviate blister itching pain. Mung bean soup is a good drink for all ages. It tastes good and common. If you don't want to cook mung bean soup, you can buy it easily outside. If you cook by yourself, the steps are simple and easy to learn. In summer, mung bean soup has the function of relieving summer heat. Don't eat spicy and greasy food. Spicy and hot baked buns and fried Baba will aggravate blisters.

Pay attention to rest, ensure adequate sleep time, do not stay up late because of busy work or learning tasks. It's better to go to sleep before 11 p.m. to ensure the good spirit of the next day. Relax properly and don't let yourself get too tired. Too much pressure will also cause long blisters on the lips and is not conducive to recovery.

The simplest and most difficult thing is to hold back the blisters when they grow on your lips. Some people can't bear to see their blisters pierce it. Although the water inside is squeezed out, the wound is getting bigger and bigger, which will make the mouth grow scars for the second time and hurt the skin for the second time.