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How should darling cold snuffle do just?

Every child is the heart of his parents. It's the crystallization of life and love. I'm afraid of falling when I hold it in my hand and melting when I hold it in my mouth. If I knock it a little bit, my parents will be very distressed. What's more, my child has a cold and a stuffy nose. Because the baby is not able to breathe with his mouth, if his nose is blocked, he will not breathe and breathe smoothly, he will be restless and cry constantly. When I'm sucking, his nose and mouth will be blocked at the same time It may also cause difficulty in sucking.

In fact, parents don't need to worry too much. Cold and stuffy nose are very common in infants, and they are not difficult to treat. But we should also pay attention to it. If we had known a little illness of children, if we didn't pay attention to it, it would probably become a serious disease that is hard to cure. We should know the relevant knowledge and take effective measures to treat cold and stuffy nose.

First of all, we should ensure enough sleep time. The baby has no self-control. They are all more active and can play all day by themselves. It will be more fun to see relatives tickle them, so we can try our best to let the baby sleep more. Sing a lullaby to your baby or let him fall asleep in the cradle. Reduce your baby's physical exertion. Don't waste too much energy.

Let the baby drink more water, water is the source of life, no matter how much water is always right, don't let the baby drink cold water, it's better to keep warm water in a thermos bottle so that the baby can drink at any time. Let your baby eat more green vegetables and fresh fruits. They are rich in vitamin C. you can beat the fruits and vegetables into juice and feed them to your baby. Because your baby's teeth are not full, it's not convenient to bite the fruit.

Drink chicken soup can also reduce the symptoms of cold to a certain extent, you can feed your baby a little chicken soup. Pay attention not to let the baby drink too much, after all, the age is still very small, one is afraid that it can not eat, the other is afraid that he is empty.