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It's really painful to have a dry and peeling lips. How to make your lips tender

With the gradual transition of the weather to autumn and winter, the air becomes more and more dry, and many people will have dry lips. In this case, our lips will be dry, peeling and other symptoms, people feel very painful. In fact, in addition to the dry weather, some reasons of the human body itself will also lead to the problem of chapped lips. Now, Xiaobian is going to teach you some ways to deal with dry lips.

The first is to ensure adequate sleep and improve sleep quality. Chapped lips have a lot to do with our sleep, because lack of sleep will lead to the disorder of the endocrine function of the human body, resulting in many bad physical symptoms. Therefore, in normal times, we must try our best to ensure sufficient sleep time and stay up late less, so as to fundamentally regulate our body and improve the phenomenon of chapped lips.

The second is to give the body enough water and vitamins. Chapped lips are largely due to a lack of water and vitamins in our bodies. Both are essential for maintaining the health of all parts of the body. There has been a "eight glasses of water a day" regimen, we must drink more water every day, which can help us to improve the problem of lip skin cracking.

The third way is to eat light food, eat more fruits and vegetables. People with dry lips must avoid spicy and irritant food, such as chili, garlic, etc. In addition, to add more fruits and vegetables, in addition to oranges, which are popular fruits, such as bean sprouts, white radishes, apples, grapefruit, etc. are good choices.