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How to make a fortune tree with yellow leaves

Fortune tree, also known as Malaba chestnut, is a tropical plant native to Latin America. It is endowed with a symbol of wealth, so many people are willing to raise a plate of wealth trees to bring wealth to themselves. However, as everyone is more and more busy with work and life, there is little time to take care of it. Leave the care, the rich tree is easy to appear the phenomenon of yellow leaves. Next, Xiaobian will tell you how to make the fortune tree come back to life.

First, water properly, not too much or too little. We should keep a good time interval when we water the fortune tree at ordinary times. At the same time, a certain amount of water should be applied at a time. If too much water is poured, the root of the rich tree will be starved of oxygen due to excessive humidity, leading to root rot, so that the leaves will not be able to get the normal nutrient supply, resulting in the phenomenon of yellowing. If the water is too little or not for a long time, it will also lead to a fundamental lack of nutrients, which will feed back to the yellow leaves.

Second, move the potted plants to a sunny place. The growth of plants is closely related to the light industry, and the fortune tree is no exception. If we put it in a cool place for a long time, it will not be able to rely on sunlight for adequate photosynthesis, which will lead to the problem of yellow leaves. Therefore, we need to move the fortune tree to a sunny place, but we need to pay attention to that it must not be exposed to the sun.

Fourth, pay attention to insect control. When the plant is attacked by diseases and insect pests, the leaves will start to appear spots and yellowing, and the severity will be accompanied by the symptoms of leaves falling off, which indicates that the fortune tree has been ill. At this time, we are going to buy some anti insect drugs specifically for plants to help the fortune tree 'cure the disease', so that it can recover its health and come back to life.