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How Qiongyao's junior got to know each other is legendary

Novels come from life and are higher than life. As a good writer, her works must be closely related to her own experience. As for Qiongyao, I believe that everyone is familiar with it. A generation of love novels have brought profound influence on people's love. It can be said that her own emotional experience has created a generation of romance legends. There was a rumor that Qiongyao was performing a trick of junior three in real life, so what was the matter?

When it comes to Qiongyao, you must think of her love story first. In fact, Qiongyao's emotional experience in her life is a legend. Her life is more ups and downs than her novels. Qiongyao once had three feelings, experienced the age of war, and even committed suicide three times. As dramatic as the novel is, she once had a teacher-student relationship, and once intervened in other people's marriage as a junior for 10 years. The real hero is Ping Xintao.

When Qiongyao and Xintao met, they were all family members. Why can't resist the temptation of emotion, the two gradually developed an inseparable affair. Qiongyao's original husband at that time was Qingyun, and their living conditions were very poor. Qiongyao wrote her high school emotional experience into a book called "out of the window", which was in charge of the publication of Ping Xintao. For this reason, Qingyun and Qiongyao had a dispute and ended up in divorce. Pingxintao has always appreciated Qiongyao's talent, but he loves her but dare not move. After becoming a single, Qiongyao published a series of short and medium-sized novels in crown magazine. At this opportunity, Ping Xintao inspired Qiongyao's literary creation with the help of his contacts. Gradually, the relationship between the two people's appreciation and dependence on each other changed subtly, and Qiongyao also began to really walk on the road of "junior three" for ten years.

At last, Qiongyao broke up with pingxintao by retreating. At this time, pingxintao finally made the final decision to divorce his wife. It is a pity that the two finally entered the sacred palace of marriage in real life. Now, Qiongyao and Xintao have been together for 38 years, and they are very kind. This love, which was not written into the novel, became Qiongyao's life happiness.