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How to squeeze feet with new shoes

Most girls love beautiful shoes. It's very important to choose a right pair of shoes. Unsuitable shoes will always hurt their feet, but most of the time, the right shoes will always be uncomfortable when they are just put on, such as new shoes squeezing their feet. This is a common situation. Basically, when new shoes are just tried on, they are not so comfortable and fit for feet, which requires us to adapt. So what can we do to ease the foot squeeze of new shoes? Let's share with you!

There are generally several solutions for new shoes to squeeze feet. First, we can consider using a hair dryer. Hair dryer can alleviate the pain caused by foot squeezing. It can be used to blow the place where shoes are worn. The place where shoes are blown by hair dryer will soften. If shoes are put on the next day, it will not be so easy to squeeze feet. Generally, this method is suitable for leather shoes. Leather shoes are relatively hard and easy to wear feet, so it is more suitable to use hair dryer.

Second, if the heel is more crowded and easy to wear, then we can consider putting a band aid on the heel, bonway can do it, or we can apply hand cream containing more grease, or soap, so that the heel is relatively smooth and not easy to wear.

The third is to use newspapers to ease the squeeze of new shoes. To relieve the crowding of front toe with newspaper, we can consider to squeeze the newspaper into a ball, then wet the newspaper with water, but the newspaper can't be too wet, then wrap the wet newspaper with a dry newspaper, then plug it in the place where the shoes are squeezed, then seal the shoes with plastic bags overnight, and try to put on the shoes one night later, the shoes won't be so crowded.

Fourth, use white wine to relieve. Dip cotton in it and apply it on the foot. It will soften after a period of time. Use warm wet pad to apply it on the foot for a period of time, then change dry pad to separate the foot and hit it with hammer.

Xiaobian has introduced a variety of ways to relieve the new shoes from squeezing feet. I hope it can help you! I hope everyone can wear beautiful shoes comfortably!