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What does bichi mean? What is bichi? Where does bichi come from

What does bichi mean? What is bichi? Where does bichi come from in the past two years, the Internet has exploded, and many accessories have been derived, such as network terms. Bichi is one of them. What does bichi mean? Green pond? Or something else? Let's have a look at it together!

Bichi is a network term, which means something similar to NIMA and your sister. It's basically a mantra. Most people say "green pool" without malice.

Bichi: the original English word is "bitch". Originally translated as a bitch, it can be extended as a derogatory term for human beings, such as "bitch", "bitch" and "scum".

Derivatives of bichi

Xiaobichi: meaning of little bitch

Stinky bitches

Son of a bitch

The origin of bichi

Bitch is the homonym of the English word bitch. The storm first came out of the American drama "city girl" and then spread to the mainland. But under the surface of the prevalence of the blue pool wind, the blue pool is mostly a description of some women in the society whose style is not decent and degenerate. No matter whether you accept it or not, the American drama has started the style of green pool, and there are more and more green pools around you. We do not deny that there are some 'green pools' with bad deeds, and we do not advocate that everyone should take the path of' green pool 'Cultivation, but we have to admit that some of their characteristics are worthy of our thinking and learning. In addition, to see through their skills is also helpful for us to prevent the green pool around us from playing Yin moves.

With the development of society, modern women are facing more and more pressure. The pressure of work, promotion, junior high, money and so on lead women to sell their bodies in some cheap ways in exchange for some money benefits.

The so-called bichi is the grand reason for modern women to pursue true love, career and life. For example, there are numerous examples of Xiaosan's driving out his former counterpart to enter the house and villain's framing his colleagues for their successful promotion, which makes bichi people the target of public criticism.

In addition, the behavior of Tucao Bi Chi has also become a way to maintain the great friendship between women. For example, a few good friends gathered together to enjoy the Tucao, gossip office or the side of the pool, which has become a great fun for the boring women in the society.