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How to maintain after menopause Teach you healthy conditioning methods

When a woman is about 45-55 years old, her menstruation will stop for most of her life, that is, menopause. Postmenopausal women's body will slowly aging, a variety of menopausal symptoms, serious lack of estrogen, ovary will be completely atrophic. So women pay great attention to the problem of body care after menopause. Next, I summarized the maintenance methods for postmenopausal women, hoping to help you.

With the menopause of women, bone becomes loose and fragile. Therefore, postmenopausal women should wear more shoes with thicker soles, and try not to wear high-heeled shoes. The pressure of high-heeled shoes on the sole of the foot is too great, and the shoes with thick soles have cushioning ability on the foot, which can reduce the pressure on the sole of the foot when walking. In daily work to avoid sedentary, in fact, not only postmenopausal, young women also want to avoid sedentary, usually should do jogging, twisting, often exercise the waist, to prevent osteoporosis, bone ossification, but also appropriate supplement of calcium and vitamin D.

For postmenopausal women, depression or hyperactivity is harmful to their physical and mental health. So middle aged women should avoid getting angry. In the diet, we should try to balance the diet, eat less spicy and high-fat food, and timely supplement hormone to protect cardiovascular system under the guidance of doctors. Emotional control can also be achieved through exercise. On the premise of bone protection, aerobic exercise such as swimming, yoga and dancing can be carried out frequently, which not only strengthens heart function exercise, but also promotes body metabolism.

Postmenopausal women are lack of estrogen, so they often eat wolfberry, peanut, black bean, black rice, job's tears, royal jelly and other natural estrogen food. There are also sesame and brown sugar, sesame is also known as the "magician rich in vitamin E", which has a great effect on the synthesis of progesterone and estrogen. Long term consumption of brown sugar is conducive to the stability of estrogen level, and has a good effect on blood supply.