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How to deal with dog's cough different coughs are caused by many reasons

Nowadays, more and more people like to keep dogs, and Xiaobian also thinks it's a very happy thing to have a pet dog. Therefore, people who love pets take their dogs very seriously. Once the dogs have symptoms such as cough, they can make the owners anxious. Next, Xiaobian will teach you how to do when the dog coughs.

Sometimes, when a dog eats a bone fishbone, it may get stuck in the throat by a foreign body or get stuck in the gums. At this time, the dog will keep coughing, trying to cough out the thorn. In this case, the dog usually coughs, grabs his mouth with his paws, and makes short, sharp calls from time to time. When a dog gets stuck in the throat, it can usually solve it by itself. But if the dog keeps coughing and the painful symptoms last for a long time, the owner must take the dog to the veterinarian in time to remove the thorn to prevent the middle thorn from inflammation.

If it's food poisoning, dogs can also cough. At this time, the dog's cough will be short and calm, often accompanied by vomiting and scattered white foam. Generally, as long as there is no muscle weakness and low spirit, give it some glucose oral liquid or inosine oral liquid to recover.

In addition, a more serious situation is when the dog has respiratory inflammation, pneumonia, gastroenteritis and other diseases, it also causes cough. In this case, the cough is usually continuous for a long time, and some are sharp dry cough. Moreover, the eyes and nose will have caking substance, which will cause diarrhea and vomiting, and the vomitus will be viscous. This kind of pathological change will make the dog's hair color dim, accompanied by mental malaise, loss of appetite and other situations. At this time, the owner must send the dog to the animal hospital in time for treatment.