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How is bitcoin, which is popular all over the world, excavated?

Bitcoin has become popular all over the world recently. Foreign websites can even use bitcoin to pay for shopping. Although the global electronic currency is controversial, it doesn't hinder its sudden popularity. I think most of the netizens don't know how to mine or earn bitcoin. Today, I recommend a simple bitcoin mining tutorial:

First of all, we need to find a convenient and stable bitcoin mine pool on the Internet, so as to lay a good foundation for ourselves to get rich income. Then through the mining customer service software to connect the established server, and then start mining. You need to first open the BTC guild website, click user registration, and enter the account and password you want to set. After successful registration, you can monitor your entire account status in the dashboard, where total eanings refers to the bitcoin earned by your current account.

After the account settings are determined, you can enter the ldle wainings to monitor the bitcoin mining situation of the miners you recruit. If the miners stop mining bitcoin, the system will send an email to the mailbox you bind in ten minutes, so that you can know which miners are striking. In addition, I can set the account mining payment mode in the worker interface, including the difficulty of mining mode. It can be set according to the choice whether the individual can get the maximum benefit.

When all settings are completed, your miner will automatically and continuously help you mine bitcoin. You can monitor your account in real time through the dashboard, and make flexible adjustments according to the income of bitcoin and the output of the mining pool.