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Chestnut long hair, super fashionable hair

We can see all over the street. It's very common for girls who dye their hair to do hairstyles. Hairstyles are often enough to change a person's temperament and image! But when dyeing hair, you still have to choose the right color. If you don't choose the right color, your hair will be ruined. Many girls don't know how to choose the color of hair dyeing, so small knitting will recommend a more versatile one for you! --Long chestnut hair.

Many girls with long hair will choose to dye chestnut, which is the most frequently used color in hair dyeing. Chestnut long hair of different shapes can create different styles, bring us different visual effects, super fashion! Chestnut long hair generally has the following shapes:

The light chestnut long straight hair combs the hair modelling, the oblique bangs may decorate the face shape, combs the hair to make us appear to have the girlish feeling extremely, simultaneously also displays the temperament extremely, the fashion sense is full! Chestnut long straight hair looks full of Korean style, soft middle straight let the girl look charming!

Chestnut long hair can also be made into light chestnut hair dye, light chestnut is particularly skin, making the skin look more ruddy, chestnut is also playful and lively, the fluffy degree of curly hair, add more youthful vitality to the hair style, make us look more youthful vitality!

There are also deep chestnut long hair, large slanted bangs and long hair with a sense of hierarchy, which is more profound and sexy. The level of haircut reduces the weight of the hair and makes it full of shape. The chestnut long curl is also very good, simple and age reducing, and also appears white skin. It's also good to have heavy Qi Liu Hai long curls. Various heavy curls create a rich and fluffy sense of shape. The short hair cut to heavy Qi Liu Hai is more playful.

Girls read the introduction of Xiaobian, do you have any heart? Chestnut long hair modeling is very fashionable, you can create a variety of shapes and styles, girls are still hesitant to do what kind of hair style, you can try to dye a chestnut, you can choose your favorite shape yo! Chestnut is super beautiful and fashionable!