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What's the difference between soft sleeper and hard sleeper

What's the difference between soft sleeper and hard sleeper many people who often travel by train like to choose soft sleeper with large comfortable space and hard sleeper, so do you know the difference between soft sleeper and hard sleeper? Let's have a look with Sihai Xiaobian!

The specific difference and choice between hard sleeper and soft sleeper

Soft sleeper: there is a door for four people. The upper and lower bunks are also hard, but they are thicker, not soft. The price is more than 50% higher than that of hard sleeper

Hard sleeper: no way, one for six, upper, middle and lower, thinner

Girls are better to sleep hard, because if you are the only one sleeping soft, the other three are men. After the box door is closed, it feels strange. Actually, there is little difference when sleeping.

And after the soft sleeper closes the door, other people's snoring will be amplified because of the spatial relationship.

Introduction to hard sleeper

Hard sleeper car is a form of passenger car in China. Different from hard seat cars and soft seat cars in all aspects, the internal ride mode of the train consists of berths. When riding, passengers can either lie down or sit down. Compared with general seat buses, hard seat cars are more comfortable and quiet. In general, the system of one person one vote is adopted in the hard sleeper car. When the passengers in the seat car do not have the tickets of the hard sleeper car, they cannot enter the hard sleeper car at will.

There are bunks on one side of the hard sleeper car. The general hard sleeper cars are upper, middle and lower bunks. The width of the bunks is wider than that of the seats of the hard sleeper car. The bedding, quilt and pillow are laid on the upper side. As well as things like kettles. The facilities in different models and regions are different, and the facilities in different types of hard sleeper are also different. The category of hard sleeper is relatively single, unlike soft sleeper, which is divided into ordinary soft sleeper and advanced soft sleeper. The material of the hard sleeper car is the same as that of the hard seat car, except that the seat is used as a sleeper, and the material of the hard sleeper is the same as that of the hard seat. Although it is relatively hard, it is elastic, which is called the hard sleeper. Hard sleeper is the most common type of railway vehicle besides seat car.

Brief introduction of soft sleeper

Soft sleeper is a kind of train carriage. The carriage number is RW (the soft sleeper carriage number of EMU is WR). It is generally near the dining car and the conductor's office seat in the middle of the train formation, generally ranging from 9 to 13 carriages.

A comparison between the up, middle and down of the train sleeper

From the price point of view, the lower shop is the most expensive, the middle shop is the second, and the upper shop is the cheapest. Generally, we all think that the most expensive is the best, so is the bottom bunk the best position? In fact, not necessarily, in the eyes of small editors, each position has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of the lower berth is that it is more spacious and does not need to climb up and down. It is more suitable for the elderly and pregnant women who have inconvenient legs and feet. The disadvantage is that there are more people coming and going, so they will be noisy, and there is no clean upper and middle shops.

Although the middle shop is not spacious, it is clean and easy to climb up.

The space of the upper bunk is the smallest, and it's not convenient to climb, but it's safer.

Generally speaking, the three positions are good or bad, all based on personal feelings. However, when buying train tickets, the upper, middle and lower berths are randomly selected by the system, and passengers cannot choose by themselves. If you really don't like the location you bought, you can try to change it with the passenger in the same car.