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What can I do to relieve the nasal obstruction

Stuffy nose is a common symptom when people have a cold. It's even more common for allergic rhinitis patients. When the nose is blocked, we will feel that our breath is not smooth. In serious cases, we can only open our mouth to breathe, or even lose our sense of taste. The ear, nose and throat are involved in neuralgia together, causing headache and dizziness. These symptoms make the patients feel miserable. So, are there any ways in life that can help us quickly relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion? Let's learn with Xiaobian!

The first method is the turnip method. First of all, squeeze a radish into juice, and then dip it into the nostrils on both sides alternately with absorbent cotton, which can effectively solve the problem of nasal congestion. In addition, adding a little salt to the strong tea, and then putting it into the nasal cleaner to wash the nose, can also help to eliminate the nasal congestion.

The second way is to drink ginger and brown sugar water. Ginger has a very good effect of cold, cold period drinking can effectively alleviate the symptoms of cold, we just need to prepare a few pieces of ginger, then cut it into thin slices, and then add it to the water to boil. Then add brown sugar and take it. Drink about two days, twice a day, the symptoms of nasal congestion will be significantly reduced.

The third method is fresh lotus root method. Lotus root has the function of promoting the contraction of skin and mucous membrane and anti-inflammatory. It has a good effect on the treatment of nasal obstruction by pressing lotus root juice. Take a lotus knuckle and mash it into mud, then dip it into the juice squeezed by it with absorbent cotton, insert it into the nostril of one side alternately, and repeat it several times to eliminate the nasal obstruction. The effect of using this method before sleeping is better. In addition, if you are in trouble, you can also directly drop 2 or 3 drops of lotus root juice into your nostril, which can also play an ideal role in relieving nasal congestion.

The fourth method is onion and garlic filling. We can mash the scallion and white, infiltrate its juice into the cotton wool, and then plug it into the nostril, the symptoms of nasal congestion will be significantly reduced. Or, you can cut a garlic flap into a cylindrical shape slightly smaller than the nostril, wrap it with a piece of gauze and put it into the nostril, and the symptom of nasal congestion will disappear soon.