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What should pregnant women do if they have a cold

Although cold is a common thing for ordinary people, generally we can recover by taking some cold medicine or drinking more water, and we can also use infusion for serious cases. But for pregnant women, cold is not easy to take medicine and injection to solve, because it will cause irreparable harm to the baby in the stomach. So, in this case, what should pregnant mothers do if they have a cold?

for pregnant women with mild cold, they will have itchy throat at the beginning, accompanied by sneezing, runny nose and slight cough, and do not need to use medicine at this time. We can use concentrated salt water to rinse our mouth and throat. Repeated use will reduce the discomfort of the throat. In addition, we should also pay attention to rest and drink more boiled water, which can help us to self-healing as soon as possible If the cough symptoms of pregnant women are more obvious after a cold, then we can drink some heated honey lemonade. Of course, you can also put in an egg, add a small amount of white sugar and ginger juice, mix well with boiling water and drink about 3 times, which can also play a good role in relieving cough.

When cold pregnant women have nasal congestion, runny nose and other symptoms, we can help by drinking chicken soup, which can effectively remove the respiratory virus. Moreover, drinking chicken soup has a good nourishing effect, which can help us to strengthen our immunity. If the nose is really blocked, we prepare a cup of boiled tea, place the mouth and nose at the mouth of the cup, continuously steam the hot air, and try several times to help us improve the condition of nose ventilation.

Finally, if the cold of pregnant women is very serious and accompanied by high fever, we'd better use physical methods to help pregnant women cool down, and then let them eat more fruits and drink more boiled water to promote the elimination of toxic substances from urine. If not, they should be sent to the hospital immediately to tell the doctor about their pregnancy, so that the doctor can treat the special situation of pregnant women.