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How does toothache do? The simple secret recipe teaches you to stop the pain immediately!

As the saying goes, 'toothache is not a disease. It's killing to ache.'. Sometimes, we suddenly have toothache in our life, which is very painful. There are many reasons, such as the body has a false fire, do not pay attention to oral cleaning bacteria caused by inflammation, malnutrition and so on. Therefore, in order to cure toothache, we'd better go to the hospital for symptomatic treatment. But here, Xiaobian is going to teach you some medical secret recipes to deal with sudden toothache, which can help you stop the pain quickly.

First move: press Hegu acupoint. In case of sudden toothache, we can press Hegu Point of left hand. Put the five fingers of the left hand together, and the part of the flesh protruding from the thumb and index finger is Hegu acupoint. Press with your right hand for 3-5 minutes, if there is ice, the effect will be better. At the beginning, there will be a feeling of pain, but it will not hurt at the back. At this time, continue to press for another minute. This method is very effective for emergency toothache relief.

The second method: ice application. Take out the ice and apply it to the toothache area for about 20 minutes, which can play a good role in relieving the pain. We can apply it several times until we don't feel any more pain. After the event, don't forget to take medicine in time.

The third way: gargle. There are many secret ways to wash our mouths to help us stop toothache. Let Xiaobian tell you. First, the easiest way is to rinse your mouth with salt water. Add a small spoon of salt into a cup of boiling water, rinse your mouth several times after cooling. Because salt has anti-inflammatory effect, this method can effectively reduce the pain. We can also gargle with pepper vinegar boiling water. Boil 25g prickly ash and 110g vinegar for 10 minutes, cool them and then put them in the mouth for 5 minutes, the pain relief effect is very obvious. In addition, you can also use white wine and salt boiling water to rinse your mouth, take 120g white wine, add 15g salt into it, mix and boil it until it cools, and then take one mouthful in your mouth, the toothache will disappear immediately.