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What can I do for my baby's cough

Once the baby has a cold, it's easy to cough. It's bad sleep, bad breath and tears in the eyes, which can hurt the mothers. At this time, what should mom do? In fact, in addition to drug treatment, mothers should also pay attention to strengthen the conditioning of the baby's life during this period, so that the baby has enough sleep, drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables. In addition, you should also give your baby light and nutritious food. Now, Xiaobian will tell you about the specific matters that should be paid attention to during the baby's cough.

Careful selection of antitussive drugs, phlegm is the first. When the baby has a cough, we don't want to give the baby cough medicine in the first place. As the baby's respiratory system is not fully developed, it is impossible to cough up the sputum inside the throat like an adult. If you take cough medicine initially, it will only make the sputum more unable to be discharged and blocked in the respiratory tract, which will aggravate your baby's cough symptoms and even cause lung infection. Therefore, in the early stage of cough, we should first treat the baby with expectorant.

Cold resistance training, enhance physical fitness. In the early autumn, mothers can try to wash their baby's face with cold water, wipe the bath, let the baby's skin contact with fresh air more, stick to it, that can enhance the baby's resistance.

Reasonable drinking water, a little more. In normal times to develop the habit of drinking more water for the baby, which can promote the metabolism of the baby's body, and timely discharge waste and toxins out of the body. Especially during coughing, drinking more water can help the baby dilute the viscous secretion, make the sputum more easily coughed up, and reduce the symptoms of respiratory infection.

Light diet, avoid cold, spicy and irritant food. During coughing, mothers must pay attention to the baby's light and nutritious diet, and let the baby eat more fruits and vegetables. Do not let the baby eat some raw and cold, fishy, spicy and other stimulating food, which will aggravate the baby's cough. It is worth mentioning that oranges are not suitable for coughing caused by wind heat and cold.