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Indigestion, don't worry! A minor question

Summer arrived, a lot of treasure mother are quite fidgety, sad, what to bother? Baby is very easy dyspepsia, dyspepsia diarrhea how to do? It doesn't matter. Let Xiaobian help you! Indigestion, don't worry! A minor question. Recently, Xiaobian has collected some solutions about dyspepsia and diarrhea. Let's share it with you! I hope it can help you!

We want to solve the problem of dyspepsia and diarrhea. First of all, we need to find out why the baby has dyspepsia? What are the causes of dyspepsia? Xiaobian learned that diarrhea in summer and autumn is the most common cause of dyspepsia. In addition to gastrointestinal tract bacterial infection, it is mainly due to improper feeding, too hot weather or sudden cold. After we find out the reason, we can prescribe the medicine according to the case and prevent the occurrence of dyspepsia and diarrhea in advance.

As for the problem of bacterial infection, we can usually drink Carrot Soup for the baby. Carrot is alkaline food, containing pectin, which can promote the formation of stool and absorb bacteria and toxins. At the same time, we should pay attention to the feeding of the baby every day. During the period of baby diarrhea care, we should follow the principle of eating less, eating more, and paying more attention to the situation of the baby every day, Don't let the baby suffer too much heat, and don't let the baby catch cold.

When the baby has dyspepsia and diarrhea, we can try to use massage method to relieve the situation of diarrhea. Generally, massage the baby's navel and abdomen anticlockwise, but we should pay attention to the moderate strength and technique when massaging, and then massage the baby after learning from the doctor. Last but not least, don't give your baby laxatives and antibiotics. It's better to see a doctor.

The information collected by Xiaobian is so much. Xiaobian thinks it's useful. Baoma can refer to Xiaobian's methods! Xiaobian still hopes to be able to help everyone. I wish Baoma's lovely little babies can recover soon!