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Wash your face well, twice the result with half the effort

In summer, the skin is usually dry due to strong sunlight. Many girls have made great efforts to moisturize the face. As long as we can master the correct methods and steps of face washing, we can achieve the effect of moisturizing with half the effort.

1. Choose soft water to wash your face. Water with high mineral content is considered as hard water. As rain water flows from the surface to the rock layer, it absorbs minerals, thus changing the water quality from soft to hard. Wash your face with hard water. The face cream is not easy to frother, and the minerals in the water will stay on your skin. In addition, hard water can also cause acne. Impurities or minerals in hard water react with natural oils or creams in your skin, blocking your pores to form acne.

2. It should be noted that the warm water temperature of the face washing water can expand the pores, help to effectively remove the grease and dirt on the face; while the cold water can stimulate the blood vessels, cause the blood vessels to contract, so as to promote the blood circulation of the face.

Three, the correct use of facial cleanser if it is facial cleanser is solid, before using, remember to rub the foam on the hands before washing the face. Foam wash can reduce the friction between the hands and the face and reduce the fine lines. Does not harm the cuticle, effectively cleans the pore dirt. Also note that the amount of cleanser should not be too much, generally the size of coins is appropriate.

IV. before the face is dry, apply maintenance products to maximize the skin's nutrients. When the face is dry, apply again, which means there is not much water on the face. The human face has a thin layer of sebum to protect the skin. If you wash your face frequently every day, the sebum membrane will be damaged before it is formed, so the skin will be more stimulated. Therefore, if we want to delay the aging of facial appearance, we need to know the minimum of stimulation first.