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What is Taobao customer unit price? What are the ways to increase the customer price

There's a hot search on Weibo today. Don't look for a girl whose price is less than 128 as a girlfriend. Many people don't understand what the price means. Today's editor will come to popularize science for you.

It can be seen that the sales volume of the store is determined by the customer unit price and the number of customers. Under the condition that it is difficult for the store to increase the number of customers or the number of customers is relatively stable, increasing the customer unit price is the only way to increase the sales volume of the store. How to improve the customer price of the store?

1. Through a series of advertising means such as sending newspaper, pop, broadcasting, etc., to create an active atmosphere in the store and attract customers.

2. Improve the service quality of store staff. Carry out sales skills, professional knowledge and other aspects of training for store employees, and establish the professional image of store employees.

3. Placement of related drugs. For example, antipyretic and antidote drugs can be placed with the drugs of facial features; cold drugs can be placed with or adjacent to cough and phlegm drugs.

4. The daily defecation medicine is placed in an eye-catching position to attract customers to stay and pay attention, and stimulate customers' purchase desire.

5. Associated marketing is also a combination of drugs. Use different symptoms as the center to guide the drugs needed and why the drugs should be used, and combine the drugs according to the list of drugs listed. For example, the combination of nitrates and beta receptor blockers in the treatment of angina pectoris of coronary heart disease; the combination of dihydroxycarbazide and spironolactone, namely, the combination of potassium excreting diuretics and potassium preserving diuretics, to prevent electrolyte (mainly blood potassium) disorder; When aspirin is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, it is often used in combination with bicarbonate or weishuping to reduce the side effects such as gastrointestinal irritation and bleeding; vitamin C should be supplemented properly for cold; and antibiotics can be added in case of severe cold and cough. However, the list should fully consider the collocation of conventional varieties and main varieties, and the collocation of high, middle and low price varieties.

6. Course purchase. For example, 5 cases of ejiaoyishou oral liquid is a course of treatment, 6 cases of nubao capsule is a course of treatment & hellip; & hellip; with warm and thoughtful service, customers can buy it.

7. Cultivate and maintain key customers. That is, regular customers and acquaintances. Through the promotion of gifts, delivery of drugs to the door, agent processing powder, agent mail order and other ways to improve customer unit price.

8. Arouses the staff's desire for shopping guide.

9. Diversified operation. On the premise of quality assurance, we will mainly promote high price and high gross profit products, and sell more health care products, medical devices, medical instruments, etc., so as to increase the unit price of customers.

High price goods in the price belt

It is a basic skill to increase the unit price of products by pricing. We can also divide the number of single products according to the price band, and appropriately introduce high price and high value products into each category. Through the comparative analysis of Carrefour, Metro and Costco's women's slipper price belts, we can find that their operation methods of product unit price are quite different.

Shopping psychology survey shows that people think that a pair of women's slippers less than 6 yuan is cheaper, so Carrefour has a minimum price of 5.9 yuan, and provides two items at this price, making customers feel that there are cheap women's slippers here. The survey also showed that a pair of slippers above 20 yuan is a little high, so 22 of Carrefour's 27 slipper items are set at 19.9 yuan or below. At the same time, in order to increase the unit price of the products, 4 pieces were provided at the price of 24.9 yuan (later, another piece was provided at the price of 39.9 yuan, which broke through the traditional psychological price and was not expensive at 24.9 yuan). On the contrary, the lowest price of 16 single products is 1.9 yuan, and the highest price is 19.9 yuan. From the perspective of interval distribution, it obviously tends to be low price single products, so the product unit price is absolutely lower than Carrefour, and the customer unit price is naturally low.

How to follow the price

Now it's very common to check and copy prices among stores. When price inspectors and market inspectors come back to report the low prices of their competitors, the stores immediately follow up. However, the purpose of the market survey is not only to copy the cheaper goods than us, but also to reduce the price - more often, to increase the price! It is to improve the level of gross profit margin!

After some foreign hypermarkets set commodity prices, they will immediately issue a "follow price index" to cope with competition. What is a follow-up index? It is the ratio of your price to the price of your opponent. For example, the follow-up index is 95%, which means that if the price of your opponent is now reduced to 10 yuan, then your price will directly follow up to 9.5 yuan. In this way, it can avoid the problem that the store cannot quickly determine the price to which extent in the process of competition of tens of thousands of single products.

Price index is generally based on different categories of goods, respectively set out different indexes. Please note: the follow index is not necessarily less than 100%. Carrefour's C-class index is as high as 130%! That's why we can't just copy the low price in the market survey.

Seize the opportunity to promote high price and high value commodities

A supermarket is located in a community with strong purchasing power, hoping to attract shopping groups with monthly income of more than 2000 yuan. In fact, the store did the same. However, by analyzing its sanitary napkin category, it is found that this category attracts a large number of people with incomes below 1000 yuan. That is to say, the middle and high income people who are attracted by the store spend a lot of energy do not buy sanitary napkins in the store. Find out the reasons and find that the display and promotion of sanitary napkin products in the store tend to be low-grade or unknown brands. The store immediately started to optimize the sanitary napkin category, and the display changed from night use and daily use to brand display, with soft pink color. The promotion also began to focus on some high-value goods, and the business of sanitary napkin category soon grew by 17%.

In the communities with low purchasing power, the hypermarket for family consumption should consider promoting the commodities with large specifications, large packaging, bundling or mass merchandising during the promotion, so as to give customers a sense of good quality and low price, guide the consumption concept of buying more and getting cheaper, and maximize the customer unit price.

In the hypermarkets of the first tier cities, are instant noodles more big packages? Are the packages of washing powder getting bigger and bigger, or even some super packages? Are the promotional activities of shampoo focused on big specifications / big packages (such as 1000ml)? In fact, these are the means to improve the price of customers.

Nowadays, many supermarkets often engage in super low price of eggs, which is right, but it depends on the time. During the big festival, they should be allowed to retreat to the second line, not in the main channel or prominent position, to put these low unit price, high consumption goods, or even posters. Because during that period, customers wouldn't come to the party for a 50% cheaper egg. They are more concerned about which supermarket is more and more complete. At this time, the store should place the products with price advantage in the best position of the main channel or shelf to guide customers.

Once there was a supermarket. From the month before the Spring Festival, the groceries and department stores with less than 5 yuan are not allowed to be promoted or piled up. They can only be displayed on the row. This method may be too extreme, but looking back, if we are still addicted to low-priced goods, what about the other 355 days of business? So we should seize all possible opportunities to push up the price and high-value goods.