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How is the long barb on the hand? Is the long barb on the hand deficient in trace elements

Why is it easy to grow barbs around fingernails? Is it lack of vitamins in the body? In fact, many people will have barbs on their hands. When they encounter them, they are suffering from cone pain. What is the reason for the barbs on their hands?

There is also a very cute name for the phenomenon of barbs on the hands, which is called 'germination'. Every year, in the dry autumn and winter season, big breasted girls are easy to 'sprout'. They appear frequently, grow fast and make people upset. Sometimes a person can successfully tear the barb, and the sense of achievement is explosive. However, there is also a foundation is not in place, that feeling is too sour.

There is a kind of pain called "tear barb". How is the total length barb on the hand?

Always silently admonish oneself: can't hand owe, life is not only in front of the drift, also can't tear to the end of the barb! But, why does the hand often grow barb?

What is barb?

The barb around the nail, also known as "reverse peeling" in medicine, refers to the reverse peeling of the cuticle around the nail. It is mainly manifested as the cracking of the cuticle around the nail, which is in the shape of a triangle and can be painful once touched.

There is a kind of pain called "tear barb". How is the total length barb on the hand?

Why does it grow barbs?

The skin around the nail is slightly different from the skin structure of other parts of the hand. The skin covering the near end of the deck is called near nail fold (PNF). This part of the skin lacks hair follicles, dermatoglyphics and sebaceous glands, and the skin is relatively thinner. In the case of lack of sebum and moisture, if the cuticle encounters dry weather, chemical or physical stimulation, it is easy to dry and peel, forming barbs.

There is a kind of pain called "tear barb". How is the total length barb on the hand?

Do you have barbs on your hands because of lack of vitamins?

Many people think that the long barb is caused by the lack of vitamins. In fact, it should be understood as follows: if it is only a simple barb around the nail, and there is no other abnormal performance of the body, then it is only a local physical abnormality of the skin. Lack of vitamin can cause dry skin and aggravate the disease, but it is not the direct cause of long barb.

In fact, the most direct reason for the long barb on the hand is dry skin and friction. Drying causes cracks in the cuticle, which is easy to fall off; friction causes the cuticle to rise, and the skin at the barb is at the end of the finger, so the frequency of use and friction is high, and then 'barb' is produced.

There is a kind of pain called "tear barb". How is the total length barb on the hand?

How to deal with the most reliable long barb?

1. Do not tear to avoid skin trauma and infection

It may take only a second to tear the barb off, which seems to be 'clean', but that 'sour' will last for several days. Wash a hot face and raise your fingers. Cut a hot pepper and raise your fingers. The lovely and upright orchid fingers!

There is a kind of pain called "tear barb". How is the total length barb on the hand?

When you have barbs on your hands, don't try to pull them out in a hurry. Because the barb is connected with the muscle, when pulling the barb with the hand or other tools, it will not only hurt, but also hurt the surrounding skin, and even cause bleeding, leading to hand infection. In serious cases, it may face the risk of amputation. Big chest sister really has not alarmist, this barehanded work or don't use to tear barbs, might as well use to tear express!

2. Cut off neatly with small scissors

Soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes to soften the skin around your nails, then cut off the barbs with a sharp, clean nail clipper.

If you want to have no barbs on your hands, you should strengthen the skin care of your hands. Timely application of hand cream, massage around the nail with nutritious oil, and less use of detergent can reduce the occurrence of barbs.