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Why do programmers like to wear plaid? Seven days a week, it's not like it's going to break down

Tiktok is what programmers are connected with the checked shirt. Some people even think that the programmer is wearing a plaid. Recently, Xiao Bian saw an interview on the jitter. He said that a programmer is basically 7 shirt, and even not heavy. Why do programmers like the lattice shirt?

In fact, programmers not only like plaid shirts, but also striped shirts.

Don't take it seriously. In fact, programmers are a logical and thoughtful group. Their workload is often many times that of ordinary people, and they are all mental work. Therefore, the requirements for appearance are not too high. Sitting in the office is a day, just like Kris, it's impossible to have a live broadcast.

The existence of programmers makes our society have a very different atmosphere. Many graduate students say that if I can't do it, I'll become a programmer. It can be imagined that this industry has a great advantage compared with traditional engineering, especially for the newly graduated students, whose better income is still attractive.

Back to the point, why do programmers like plaid?

1. Because of the versatility, I can wear a plaid with whatever I wear. ,

2. This is our programmer's uniform. It's not formal to go to work without uniform.

3. The romance of programmers can only be shown when wearing plaid.

All right, no skin. In fact, plaid shirt collocation is very good-looking.