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How about eating too much mangosteen? Do you know the taboos of eating mangosteen

Do you like to eat the fruit queen mangosteen? Mangosteen is a very good heat clearing and drying fruit, which is very suitable for the patients with dark sores and dyspepsia caused by excessive nutrition and dry fire. However, although mangosteen is good, it is not suitable to eat too much. What will happen if there are too many mangosteen? What are the taboos to eat mangosteen?

What will happen if you eat too much mangosteen

1. Cause constipation

The cellulose contained in mangosteen has the function of promoting the stomach and intestines, but excessive will cause the stomach and intestines to absorb water and expand, which is easy to cause stomach discomfort and constipation and other symptoms.

2. Cause lactic acid poisoning

There is oxaxanthone in mangosteen. Although it is pointed out that the oxaxanthone under study may have disease resistance effect, excessive intake of this substance will increase the possibility of acidosis. Alpha, a kind of oxaanthrone, has significant antioxidant activity and has been widely used in medicine. However, excessive use of alpha, a kind of oxaanthrone, will have toxic effect on mitochondrial function, damage respiratory function and cause lactic acid poisoning.

3. Aggravating cold

As a cool fruit, mangosteen has a good effect of eliminating fire, but if you eat too much, it will cause the cold in your body and increase the burden on your stomach, resulting in cold limbs, dizziness, indigestion and other symptoms.

Edible taboo of mangosteen

1. Fat people should not eat mangosteen

People who are too fat should not eat mangosteen because there are a lot of sugar in mangosteen, which will turn into fat when they enter the human body, which will increase people's weight and easily induce a variety of diseases.

2. Diabetics should not eat mangosteen

Diabetics should not eat mangosteen because of its high sugar content. After people eat it, their blood sugar will rise significantly, which is not good for disease control. If they don't pay attention to it, they will induce complications of diabetes.

3. Mangosteen can't be eaten with cold fruits

At ordinary times, we should also pay attention to the fact that we can't eat it with cold ingredients such as watermelon, cabbage and balsam pear, because the nature of bamboo itself is cold and cold, and then eat it with cold ingredients, it will aggravate the cold in human body, and when it is serious, it will induce gout, diarrhea and other diseases, which is harmful to health.

4. You can't eat too much mangosteen

At ordinary times, when eating mangosteen, it must be in proper amount, not excessive consumption of mangosteen. If excessive consumption of mangosteen will cause constipation and abdominal distention. If you eat too much accidentally, you can also drink some brown sugar ginger tea, which can alleviate the adverse reactions caused by mangosteen.