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Where can Guangdong eat authentic bowel powder? What are the time-honored noodle shops in Dongguan

Guangdong food can be said to be very many, among which the most can't be refused. How can we not taste the old brand intestines in Guangdong? So do you know where the old brand intestines are sold in Dongguan, Guangdong? Let's explore these old brand shops together with Xiaobian.

Where is Dongguan time-honored noodle?

Dongguan old hotel

In Dongguan, this shop is very famous. The decoration of his house is very good and the style is good. There are many people who come here to eat. It's not only well decorated, but also easy to find the location. Especially at the weekend, if you want to come for dinner, you have to line up. This is a landmark hotel in Dongguan. The food is exquisite, the dishes are various, the taste is good, and the color, fragrance and taste are complete. It's worth recommending!

Recommended dishes: jadeite shrimp dumpling, Braised Beef Brisket with minced intestines, tasty sauce with chicken feet, brown sugar with oatmeal, steamed powder fruit

Per capita: 138 yuan

Address: 6 / F, Duan Junhao business center, Dongcheng Middle Road

Zhongji Tangshui noodle shop

Zhongji is a time-honored brand in Dongguan. In Dongguan, there are many branches. This Dongguan sweet water noodle shop is also a special noodle eater. The noodle in his family is exquisite in making, and has many flavors to order. The price is not expensive, but the taste is absolutely authentic. A meal of intestines is not expensive. With other special snacks, it will definitely surprise you.

Recommended dishes: Dendrobium lean meat soup, steamed mandarin fish, pickled pork large intestine, Zhongji sugar water intestinal powder

Per capita: 85 yuan

Address: No.74, Buxin group, Yantian village, Fenggang town

Qingcongee tonight (Xiping store)

Qingcongee tonight is a famous restaurant in Dongguan. It provides breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a late night snack. There are various dishes. The intestines in his family are also unique. Many people who come to the restaurant will order it. The intestines and the bamboo cane water here are delicious and authentic. There are a lot of people who line up for dinner here every day, and the food quality is very high.

Recommended dishes: pigeon, abalone and chicken congee, Macao water crab congee, beef mushroom intestines, stone ground egg meat and intestines powder, signature tube bone congee

Per capita: 65 yuan

Address: 105, building a, bontai Creative Park, Xiping 3rd Road (next to animation City, Xiping Metro Station)

Xinchang breakfast

Xinchang breakfast shop is a very old local breakfast shop, which mainly eats intestines. It is very popular. Every morning, you have to queue up early, or you will wait for a long time. This is a typical husband and wife shop. It has been operated for many years. It is not only delicious, but also has a good service attitude. It has a good reputation in the local area, with good ingredients, smooth intestines and good taste.

Recommended dish: hot noodles with egg

Per capita: 11 yuan

Address: No.7, block B, Hongchuan Road

Shantou intestines powder

Shantou intestines meal is a intestines meal shop that many local people will come to eat. Its main business is Chaoshan intestines meal. It is located near yonghuating. The beef intestines meal is delicious. The beef uses ground beef, fresh shrimp intestines meal, pork intestines meal, pork egg intestines meal and so on. His family is mainly Chaoshan food. Although the environment is not the best, it tastes good.

Recommended dishes: tomato beef intestines, Shantou fresh shrimp intestines, Shantou beef egg intestines, Shantou pork intestines, double egg intestines, pig soup

Per capita: 15 yuan

Address: Dongping Street

Where are the Dongguan time-honored intestinal noodles? I recommend these five for you. They are not only famous, but also authentic. Many people recommend them.