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Video address of top vs SDG competition on February 26, 2016 LPL spring competition with competition

In the video of top vs. SDG competition on February 26 of the 2016 LPL spring competition, the sixth week of the League of heroes LPL 2019 spring competition officially starts, and the first round match on the second day of the sixth week is top vs. SDG. How do the teams play in the competition?

Top vs SDG schedule of 2016 LPL spring

Time: 17:00, February 26

Huya live:

Live fighting fish;

Live broadcast of station B:

Competition system of 2019lpl spring competition

regular season

16 teams, single cycle BO3

Random priority (summer swap)

All teams will be held at home at random (exchange of Summer Games)


Top 8 regular season points, advance to playoffs

Rank 1, 3, 5, 8 as a group, 2, 4, 6, 7 as a group

Two groups of bo5 single play

The first place in each group goes to the final and the second to the third place