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What are the effects and functions of chelizi? Why is chelizi so expensive

It's a mature season in mid April every year. Chery is petite in shape, tastes sweet and slightly sour, and tastes sweet. But because Chery is expensive, it's very painful to eat? So what are the effects and functions of chelizi? Why is chelizi so expensive?

1、 Why is chelizi so expensive?

1. The first reason why cherizi is expensive: less planting in China

Chelizi is delicious but hard to plant. Its root system is very delicate. It is not drought resistant and waterlogging resistant. Only the place with annual precipitation of 600-800mm is the ideal planting area of chelizi in Europe. In addition, chelizi is also sensitive to temperature. In winter, it needs to spend 900-1400 hours in low temperature below 7.2 ℃, so there is little planting in South China.

2. The second reason why cars are expensive: transportation cost is expensive

There are not many cherries planted in China, and the taste of cherries is poor, so many cherries are imported by air.

The cost of imported chelizi is much higher than that of domestic chelizi because it is transported by air, plus the cost of tariffs and all aspects of rolling.

3. The third reason why cars are expensive: high loss

Cherries are easier to preserve than cherries, but they are still very perishable and damaged after friction and collision. When they are transported to China, the broken cherries are thrown away. There are few really good quality cherries, so this increases the loss rate.

4. The reason why chelizi is expensive

In ancient Chinese medicine books, chelizi can moisturize the skin, beautify and beautify the face. Regular eating can make the skin more elastic and glossy, and chelizi also contains a lot of vitamin C. Many women are interested in the powerful role of chelizi. They will buy some food at a high price.

2、 Effect and function of cherizi

Since the price of chelizi is high, its nutritional value must be one of the reasons why it is expensive.

1. Nutritive ingredients of cherimony:

① The content of iron in cherimony is higher. The content of iron in cherimony is up to 59 mg per 100 g, ranking first in all fruits.

② The content of vitamin A in cherry is 4-5 times more than that in grape, apple and orange.

③ The carotene content of cherry is 4-5 times more than that of grape, apple and orange.

④ Chelizi also contains vitamin B, C, calcium, phosphorus and other mineral elements.

⑤ Every 100g of cherimoya contains 83g of water, 1.4g of protein, 0.3g of fat, 8g of sugar, 14.4g of carbohydrate, 66kcal of heat, 0.4g of crude fiber, 0.5g of ash, 18mg of calcium, 18mg of phosphorus, 5.9mg of iron, 0.15mg of carotene, 0.04mg of thiamine, 0.08mg of riboflavin, 0.4mg of nicotinic acid, 900MG of ascorbic acid, 258mg of potassium, 0.7mg of sodium and 10.6mg of magnesium.

2. Effect and function of cherizi

(1) The role of chelizi in protecting eyesight

The content of vitamin A in chelizi is 4 to 5 times more than apple and grape. Lack of vitamin A is the cause of eye pain, vision and other problems, especially for the workers who face the computer for a long time, it is easy to cause myopia or pain. It is suggested that such people eat more chelizi to have a great effect on vision.

(2) Chelizi can prevent and treat anemia, strengthen the body and improve intelligence

Cherimony is rich in iron, and its iron content is more than other fruits. Regular consumption of chelizi can supplement our body's need for iron, promote the growth of our hemoglobin, effectively prevent and treat anemia caused by iron deficiency, and also enhance our body and brain.

(3) Chelizi has the effect of beauty and beauty

As the king of fruit, chelizi has a high nutritional value. Chelizi is rich in vitamin C, protein, carotene and other elements. It is understood that chelizi juice is commonly used to wipe the face and wrinkles, which can effectively fade facial freckles.

3. Notes on eating chelizi

(1) Chelizi is warm. It is not suitable to eat more. It is easy to get angry if you eat more;

(2) Hot venereal disease, empty hot cough person, ulcer symptom person, go on fire person do not eat car Li son;

(3) Chelizi's soup powder is higher, and diabetics eat less.

3、 How much is chelizi suitable to eat at a time?

It's best to eat about 10 cherizi a day. In traditional Chinese medicine, cherizi belongs to warm food. If you eat too much, it's easy to catch fire.