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How does Zhaoyao luomingxuan revive? What's the final result of luomingxuan

Although the plot and shooting techniques of this fairy hero play are a little messy and thin, the actor's beauty and acting skills are still online. It's because of the hero's and heroine's love play that more people want to watch this play. The feelings of the two "devil heads" are sweet and deadly. In addition, the character of the villain in the play is also well depicted, especially the hypocrite Luo Mingxuan, who used to be a man of confidence, but killed the grandfather of the hypocrite, and was determined to do good and evil. Finally, he was sealed by the hypocrite after he went further and further away from the hypocrite.

Luomingxuan is a gentleman on the surface. In fact, he is a very ambitious man. He uses Lu Zhaoyao to break the seal of demon mountain, release the dust, kill Lu Zhaoyao's grandfather, and make Lu Zhaoyao become a helpless person. After Lu Zhaoyao became a demon, she vowed to kill Luo Mingxuan to avenge her grandfather. She was powerful. Luo Mingxuan was not her opponent at all. Soon, Luo Mingxuan died under Lu Zhaoyao's sword. But before long, the dead luomingxuan was miraculously revived

Reasons for the resurrection of luomingxuan

It is reported that the reason why luomingxuan can be revived is because of the blood of Qin Qianxian. Qin family's blood has the effect of nourishing the soul, which is why Zhaoyao can enter Qin Zhiyan's body. What's more, Qin Qianxian cultivates Bodhisattva way, which is the most likely person in the world to become an immortal, so his blood is more powerful than that of ordinary Qin family.

In order to get Qin Qianxian's blood, Liu suruo did not move his mind to Qin Qianxian's head at first, but wanted to revive Luo Mingxuan with Qin Yu's blood. Liu Su ruo's brother Liu Wei and Qin Yu are good friends, so Liu Su Ruo controls Liu Wei to kill Qin Yu with confused mind skill. Unexpectedly, Qin Yu's blood did not revive Luo Mingxuan.

In order to revive Luo Mingxuan, Liu suruo transferred her goal to Qin Zhiyan. Unfortunately, Qin Zhiyan ran to wanlimen and became Li chenlan's apprentice, which made her unable to start. But, Liu suruo can only put the goal on Qin Qianxian.

Qin Qianxian is the leader of Qianchen garret. She has great strength. If she can't help it, she won't provoke Qin Qianxian. Liu suruo takes advantage of Qin Qianxian's careless attack and takes his blood. With the help of Lu Zhaoyao and others, Qin Qianxian is not dead, but Liu suruo successfully revives luomingxuan and makes Lu Zhaoyao angry.

Luo Mingxuan killed Lu Zhaoyao's grandfather and made Lu Zhaoyao become an orphan. She will not let Luo Mingxuan go. So soon after Lu Zhaoyao's resurrection at luomingxuan, he killed luomingxuan again. Liu suruo, who resurrected luomingxuan, also accompanied luomingxuan to see the king of hell.