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What is the difference between home-based care and community-based care? What are the advantages and

According to the plan of China home-based pension fund, community home-based pension refers to the way that the elderly choose to live in their families in accordance with the living habits of our nation. What is the difference between home-based care and community-based care? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

home-based care is the foundation for the elderly. More than 90% of the elderly are at home. They don't need to go to institutions, nor do they need much help from the society. From the perspective of pension strategy, first of all, we should serve 90% of the elderly well. Because after serving these old people well, we can reduce the burden of running nursing homes and setting up institutions for the aged, and solve these problems at home. The so-called home-based elderly care, in fact, is to extend these ways, modes and measures to the elderly. We know that the greatest needs of the elderly are nothing more than these. One is the problem of eating, which may be inconvenient to buy vegetables and not convenient to cook when they are old; the second is the problem of nursing after they are ill; and the third is the problem of seeing a doctor. In these three aspects, the government has taken some measures. For example, we can support some large-scale catering enterprises, including districts and slices, to solve the problem of meal for the elderly. For example, there are delivery trucks, restaurants for the elderly, direct meals to their families, or the elderly can come to the community's restaurants to eat, which is to fundamentally solve the problem of eating for the elderly.

Community pension, in fact, is a platform to undertake home-based pension, which is inseparable from our community's public services. Building this platform for providing for the aged is actually the home-based care center just mentioned. For example, the elderly have no one to watch in their home, their children are working, and they are temporarily entrusted to the care center. It's kind of like a nursery. In fact, it's a nursery. It's a day care center. At night, the children pick up the elderly after work, or after the temporary operation, they need care The elderly can go to the nursing center for a period of time. The disabled can also live in it. The elderly can also go there to eat. If they can't come, the nursing center can send them home. Every day, they can also help them to see which medicine to take, how many tablets to take and how many to take. They can help them to do these mutually beneficial measures. Community pension is actually community public service.