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Is it necessary to change 5g in recent years? Is it necessary to buy 4G mobile phones now

5g is being talked about everywhere now. The attention and enthusiasm for 5g are far higher than any previous technology change. However, the development and popularization of any new technology and new standard need a process. Is it necessary to change 5g in recent years? Is it necessary to buy 4G mobile phones now? Come and have a look.

Method / step:

In fact, 5g has not yet reached the final global unified technical standard. All aspects of technology are in the discussion and promotion stage. It will not be settled until later this year.

Of course, pre research has been overwhelming for a long time, and various 5g technologies, equipment and networks are rapidly advancing. Experimental 5g networks are being built everywhere, and domestic mobile, telecom and Unicom operators are also conducting various tests.

According to the plan, China's Congress will start to deploy 5g networks on a large scale and put them into commercial use next year. 5g mobile phones will also explode in the second half of 2019, with time nodes almost all in the second half of 2019 or even the fourth quarter.

So it will take more than a year for people to buy 5g mobile phones and use them in 5g network, which is just in its infancy. Mobile phones will be few and very expensive, the network coverage area will be small, and the signal and speed will not be perfect.

After a period of improvement, the 5g ecosystem will be basically built later in 2020, with more mobile phones, lower prices, and more base stations and networks, which are more suitable for the daily use of the first batch of users.

In fact, for ordinary people, 2021 may be the real start time of 5g.

Of course, now everyone is very urgent about 5g, and the time point is likely to be earlier. Some operators and manufacturers can't wait. So later in 2018, we will see the first batch of 5g mobile phones, with the fastest speed up to 4gbps. But even so, ordinary users will not have 5g popularity until 2020. So now you don't need to think about 5g when you buy a mobile phone. The next time you change the phone, it's totally in time.