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What are the causes of female amenorrhea? How to prevent it

Women's menstruation is very important, abnormal menstruation must be paid attention to, timely go to the hospital for treatment. In addition, women in the menstrual period must be reasonable diet, do not overwork. If you do not pay attention to menstruation, resulting in amenorrhea, it will be very troublesome. So what are the causes of female amenorrhea? How to prevent amenorrhea?

1. Uterine causes:

Also called uterine amenorrhea. Amenorrhea is caused by problems in the uterus, such as congenital absence of uterus, uterine dysplasia, or diseases involving the endometrium during childhood, resulting in adhesions or scars. Although the ovarian function is very good, the female characteristics are normal, but there is no menstruation. After menarche, if you have diseases, such as endometrial tuberculosis, endometrial schistosomiasis, endometrial suppuration or scraping off the basement layer of endometrium during curettage, you cannot react to ovarian hormones and secondary amenorrhea will occur.

2. Ovarian cause: also known as ovarian amenorrhea

Normal menstruation is caused by the hormone secreted by the ovary acting on the endometrium to change it, and then shedding and bleeding. If the ovary cannot secrete hormones, the endometrium will not change and menstruation will stop naturally, such as congenital ovarian dysplasia, premature ovarian failure, etc. Amenorrhea of this kind of reason, often accompany with female characteristic dysplasia or characteristic degenerative phenomenon, such as breast becomes equal.

3. Hypophyseal cause: called hypophyseal amenorrhea

The pituitary gland is located in the lower part of the brain, and its volume is very small, but it is in charge of the endocrine organs of the whole body. When the function of the pituitary gland changes, the function of the ovary decreases. The common pituitary diseases are tumor and hypophysis.

4. Central nervous system causes:

The central nervous system includes the brain and the hypothalamus, which direct the activity of the pituitary gland and indirectly control the ovarian function. When the central nervous system is stimulated, the ovarian function changes and causes amenorrhea. If lovelorn, lose one's family member, work failure, can suddenly amenorrhea, hypothalamic tumor can also cause amenorrhea.

5. Other reasons:

This category includes a wider range of diseases, such as systemic diseases, endocrine diseases, chemotherapy period, sharp emaciation and polycystic ovary syndrome. It can be seen that amenorrhea is a symptom of many diseases. When amenorrhea occurs, we should first find out the cause and then treat it.

What are the dangers of amenorrhea

Amenorrhea can be divided into two types: normal physiological amenorrhea and pathological amenorrhea. Generally speaking, the physiological amenorrhea is a normal physiological phenomenon, which has nothing to do with the disease. The harm of amenorrhea is not too great, just a symptom of gynecological disease. However, the primary diseases leading to amenorrhea do harm to women. The harm of amenorrhea to women mainly includes:

1. Hyposexism

Early amenorrhea is a symptom of gynecological diseases, but the primary diseases that cause amenorrhea are those that have adverse effects on the body, such as hypoplasia of reproductive organs, tumors, deformities, etc. The harm caused by these primary diseases can not be ignored, which may cause uterine atrophy or lack of physiological function, such as secretion reduction, pain in sexual intercourse, sexual desire decline and infertility.

2. Infertility

From the perspective of infertility, the most important thing is to determine the degree of early amenorrhea, so as to induce ovulation and pregnancy. Some patients with first amenorrhea may have ovulation cycle. The level of estrogen in the second amenorrhea was very low, there was no proliferative change in the endometrium, and the follicles were basically undeveloped.

3. Accelerated aging

For early amenorrhea caused by premature ovarian failure, it will accelerate female aging, cause osteoporosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, frequency of urination, urination pain, sleep quality decline, sexual life disharmony, etc. The amenorrhea of childbearing age women caused by blind diet will not only lead to endocrine disorders, but also cause the atrophy of reproductive organs, which will affect the reproductive function. Therefore, women who have premature amenorrhea should be treated in time.

4. Osteoporosis and hypertension

Amenorrhea can cause a series of menopausal symptoms. However, postmenopausal women will have osteoporosis. Due to the increase of cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL, it is easy to cause arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and hypertension.

How to prevent amenorrhea

1. Female friends during menstruation to avoid cold and do not eat raw and cold food. If you are stimulated by cold or eat raw and cold food, you will have irregular menstruation symptoms, and endocrine disorders.

2. Avoid overwork. If during menstruation, strenuous exercise leads to excessive fatigue of the body, then the uterus and endometrium will be injured, and even dysfunction will occur, leading to amenorrhea.

3. Prevent obesity and wasting. If a woman's body is too fat or emaciated, it is not good for her health, because it may cause other gynecological diseases, amenorrhea and infertility. Therefore, female friends should pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of meals, not to eat poor, not to diet (lose weight) too much, to maintain a healthy body shape.

4. Keep a cheerful mood. If long-term mental over tension or worry, may lead to central nervous system and hypothalamus dysfunction, and amenorrhea.