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How do you apply to join us? Requirements for riders of meituan takeout

Nowadays, the little brother of foreign media has become a god like existence. It permeates all parts of our lives. Takeout has become a necessity in many people's lives. With the rise of meituan takeout, there is also the work of meituan takeout riders. How can meituan takeout riders apply to join in? Let's get to know.

Registration steps:

1. Enter the meituan takeout app, find "my" at the bottom, click "login / register" at the top, and directly log in the existing meituan account.

2. Click "register now" in the upper right corner. Here we can also choose a third-party account (wechat, QQ) to log in, just bind the mobile phone number (it is provided when delivering meals anyway, and it is convenient for you to log in later).

3. Follow the prompts to complete account registration. As a novice of meituan, Xiaobian warm reminder can get the first super special red bag (it can't be used to reduce the number of shares in the shop's first order, it can be said that it's a small bug, just pick the big one).

The above is the registration method of meituan take out account brought by Xiaobian. No need to say more. I believe you can understand it as soon as you read it.

How to join the riders of meituan takeout

The specific operations are as follows:

1. Download "meituan crowdsourcing" in mobile app store

2. Add mobile number and enter verification code

3. On the meituan crowdsourcing homepage, click the icon in the upper left corner to enter the personal Center

4. Click "training" in personal Center

5. Select 'online training'

6. Choose 'online examination' after learning

7. After the test, return to the personal center and select "start".

matters needing attention:

1. You need to download the official meituan software.

2. Before making a decision, it's better to contact the local person in charge for a detailed discussion, and then ask all the unclear questions.

3. Meituan crowdsourcing can only receive orders with margin. There are silver medal rewards for upgrading silver medal return margin.