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Is it easy to use laundry beads? Do you need to cut the beads before using them

The washing ball should have been heard by many people. It's a new type of washing product. Among them, the tide washing ball is net red. Is the tide washing ball easy to use? It's said that the decontamination ability is very strong, and it's better to use it than ordinary washing liquid.

It's easy to use. It's said that the washing ball has a strong ability to remove stains.

This ball can be completely dissolved no matter what the temperature of cold water and warm water is. Just throw one piece of normal amount of clothes! If there are too many, throw two pieces. Is it super simple? It's much easier to pour it into the cup cover than washing liquid to see the scale! It's just the good news for our lazy cancer patients!

This tide Taiji instant jelly laundry ball is also the latest revolutionary laundry product launched by P & G, with zero pollution and residue. When using, it does not need to open the outside jelly package, and it will dissolve with the laundry ball when it meets water. One washing ball can wash 5kg of clothes. It integrates detergent, softener and decontaminant into one body. It is twice as clean as ordinary washing liquid. It is suitable for all types of washing machines and can be called machine washing artifact.

Do you need to cut the tide washing ball? Just throw it into the washing machine.

When using, it does not need to open the outside jelly package, and it will dissolve with the laundry ball when it meets water. The only disadvantage is that it needs to collect 5kg of clothes to wash together. It doesn't matter. If children's shoes are melted into washing liquid with water in advance, they can be used on demand many times.

Tide convenient instant jelly laundry ball is a kind of laundry product which is totally different from the previous washing powder and liquid form. This product is popular in the United States with its boundary use method and strong washing effect. The shape of the laundry ball is more like a sweet jelly. A small one can achieve the decontamination and cleaning effect of even more than a spoonful of washing powder and a cup of washing liquid. It can only wash 6 kg of clothes. Hot and cold water can dissolve quickly. Clean strong, can effectively resist clothing stains, stains. It integrates three effects of decontamination, brightening and whitening. It not only has the strong decontamination effect of washing powder, but also can wash clothes as gently as washing liquid without hurting clothes.

The price of tide washing ball is 99.9 yuan for the official flagship store of P & G tmall.

Super stain removal!! it's very easy for the collar and cuffs of white shirt to turn yellow because they haven't been cleaned. After washing with this washing ball, all white clothes can be washed very clean and look super white! All color and dark clothes can be washed together! They don't fade at all! Not only white clothes can be washed clean, but also color and dark ones can be washed without any problem. They won't be discolored because of their strong cleaning ability 。 It's just like new clothes after washing. It's love! Now, just throw them into the washing machine! It gives us a big reason to be lazy!