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What's the situation of down jacket becoming popular in America? Zhejiang down jacket becomes Amazon

What's the matter with the famous down jacket in Meicheng? A down jacket from Zhejiang, China, has been sold to the top in the United States and is called "Amazon coat". If you don't know, let's have a look with Xiaobian.

What's the matter with down jacket in Meicheng

Orolay, a nameless down clothing brand from Zhejiang Province in China, became a hit on, the U.S. e-commerce website, and became the main product in women's wardrobes in the United States for two consecutive years. It is known as "Amazon coat".

The $99.99-139.99 women's thickened down jacket has more than 6000 reviews on Amazon. Com, more than 80% of which are 4-star or 5-star reviews.

One buyer wrote in the comments: 'finally, I bought it. I saw 20 women wearing it in a walk. 'and the buyer's comments:' warm and fashionable! I like this coat very much. '

Some commentaries even compared the down jacket to designer brands such as Canada goose and Moncler, which typically sell for more than $900.

The strategy, an online shopping website in the United States, lists some cases where the down jacket is being viral:

Gretchen Fenton, a fashion consultant who lives in the upper east side of New York, is known as the wealthy area. He noticed the coat for the first time from a friend, who also learned about it from other friends. For now, it seems to be the most popular coat this winter, at least among some fashionable women.

ANA Maria Pimentel, fashion director of Neiman Marcus, said she first saw the dress on a friend of her mother's and later bought it. Two weeks later, she went to a place where she was one of four people wearing it.

One buyer said she once saw a woman in the line wearing the coat and 'felt it was almost everywhere. Another buyer said that at least eight friends had bought it since they started wearing it, so they didn't want to wear it anymore.

Jiaxing zichi Trading Co., Ltd. is the owner of orolay brand. The brand was founded in 2006 and began to be sold online in 2010, mainly for customers in North America and Western Europe.

The company has its own design, manufacturing and distribution, which means it can pay workers fairly and sell profitable clothing. The company's website said: 'we focus on the manufacture and export of women's clothing. Our products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States. '

Alexis desalva, a senior retail and e-commerce analyst at Mintel, a consultancy, said the brand's success was due in part to the social media effect. According to the survey, 56% of women between the ages of 18 and 34 would like to buy one thing because their friends published information about the product on social media, compared with 38% in all age groups.

Michelle Whelan, CEO of geometry, a UK marketing agency, said some shoppers would be attracted by the discovery element. 'online celebrities, mothers and teenagers are linked by buying a coat. An unknown coat (not as expensive as a canadian goose) can be bought on the world's largest retail platform, and the price can be paid by everyone. '

That's all about the event of "down jacket became popular in the United States". Now you can understand it.