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How to deal with spleen deficiency? The weakness of the body is even more terrible than kidney defic

Spleen deficiency not only leads to our loss of appetite, lack of appetite, but also lack of sufficient spirit to cope with the whole day's study and work. What should spleen deficiency do? Don't worry, the editor will introduce several kinds of diet and life adjustment methods to regulate spleen deficiency, let's see together.

Regular diet is the basic principle. Three meals a day should be eaten on time, and the amount of meals should not be too much or too little. We must pay attention not to overeat. People with bad spleen and stomach should choose porridge, porridge and other easily digested food; fried food, spicy taste and other food should be eaten less as far as possible, and it is better not to eat them. These hard to digest stimulating food do great harm to the spleen and stomach, while raw and cold food or ice water should also be eaten less.

In our daily life, Xiaobian recommends a kind of delicious and convenient food, which is red jujube millet porridge. Every morning to drink a bowl of spleen deficiency people have a very good gastrointestinal conditioning. First of all, stir fry the washed millet with a small fire to make it slightly yellow, then put it in the pot with red dates and boil it in a small fire to make porridge for eating. Mothers can also use it to regulate their anorexic babies.

In terms of life conditioning, patients with spleen deficiency should always keep a happy mood and avoid the mental trauma caused by excessive fatigue, sadness, sadness, terror, tension and other factors. In autumn and winter, we should pay attention to the daily warmth, especially the abdomen, so it is necessary to keep warm baby. You can't stay out in summer.

The best way to stimulate the spleen and stomach is cupping. Of course, due to different seasons, we can also use moxibustion and massage. In early spring and late autumn, it is better to pull out the cupping if you have the conditions, and moxibustion in late summer and winter. Moxibustion in these two seasons can not only strengthen and warm the spleen, but also remove the moisture and cold in the body.