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How to remove wechat account protection? List of new wechat account protection and cancellation proc

Wechat account protection is to bind wechat to a commonly used mobile phone. After account protection is turned on, wechat needs to enter a verification code to log in to other devices. Many people think wechat account protection is troublesome, so how to remove wechat account protection? Check out the new wechat account protection and cancellation process.

1. Check the QQ number and QQ password. Please log in with the QQ number bound to the wechat account.

2. Check the last four digits of the mobile phone number: Please input the mobile phone number bound to your wechat.

3. Wechat friend verification: in the list of alternative friends, select a friend to verify (no less than 1 friend), and then contact the wechat friend to inform him of the verification code, so that the friend can send the verification code to your wechat via wechat.

Note: it is recommended to select more than 2 friends to send verification code to directly turn off account protection; if only one friend has successfully verified, account protection can be removed 24 hours later.

Wechat unbinding tips:

After the account protection function is removed, you can log in to your wechat account on another mobile phone. After logging in, it is recommended to delete the stolen device from the common device on the new device (the method of deleting the common device).

The account protection function can be turned on or off according to the actual use demand. In order to ensure the security of account information, it is recommended to turn on the account protection function.