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Can fresh ginseng be refrigerated? What are the precautions for eating ginseng

Ginseng is a kind of nourishing material. Many people have eaten ginseng, and many people have bought fresh ginseng. How to keep the fresh ginseng? Let's have a look. Can we put the fresh ginseng in the refrigerator? Learn some common knowledge about ginseng quickly.

Can fresh ginseng be frozen

Traditional Chinese medicine should not be put in the refrigerator, Put the medicinal materials in the refrigerator and mix them with other foods for a long time, not only all kinds of bacteria are easy to invade the medicinal materials, but also easy to get damp, which destroys the medicinal properties of the medicinal materials. Therefore, for some valuable medicinal materials, such as ginseng, antler, Gastrodia elata, dangshen, etc., if they need to be preserved for a long time, they can be put in a clean glass bottle, and then put in a proper amount of stir fried glutinous rice with gentle fire to a dark yellow color, and wait for the air to cool Put it in, seal the bottle cap tightly, and put it in a cool and ventilated place.

How to preserve ginseng

After picking, the ginseng should be fully dried in the sun and in the shade. Put it in a wooden box or jar and seal it tightly. Store it in a cool and dry place. You can also use medicinal alcohol or edible white wine (more than 50 degrees) to put with ginseng, usually 10 ml of wine per kilogram of ginseng, so as not to get moldy or rotten or produce insects. We should not drink too much, or it will reduce the medicinal value.

The specific operations are as follows:

1. Put a bamboo tube at the bottom of the wooden box or jar to hold the wine. Put some cotton in the tube, and make some holes on the tube to let the alcohol out.

2. Wrap ginseng with moistureproof paper tightly and put it into container.

3. Seal the whole container and store in a cool and dry place.

How to clean fresh ginseng

Ginseng in the process of cleaning to grasp two principles. First, remove sludge and chemical residues; second, pay attention to reduce the loss of nutrients. There is a special brush for fresh ginseng cleaning, but many families do not have it, so you can use a soft toothbrush instead.

Before cleaning ginseng, soak ginseng in cold water for 10-20 minutes, use a 3-5cm brush or soft toothbrush, and brush the soil on the four parts of ginseng reed, arm, body and beard in clean cold water (note that if the weather is cold, soak in warm water for a long time to avoid loss of nutrients). White or yellow white is good, pay attention not to touch the epidermis on the main root, and do not brush off the Pearl pimple. Rub the bottom of the reed with hands, and then rinse it with water. For places with deep soil, it can be washed several times more. If it is difficult to clean some places of ginseng roots, it can be cut off and then cleaned. The cleaning process should be rapid to reduce the loss of ingredients.

Precautions for eating ginseng

1. Those who are positive, heat syndrome but not deficiency of vital energy should not take it.

2. Anti Veratrum, fear of wulingzhi and evil Acacia should not be used together.

3. Ginseng should not be abused. Ginseng is a kind of Qi tonic. It is not suitable to take it without Qi deficiency. If there is no weakness in people with strong constitution, they do not need to take tonic and take this product in vain. Such as misuse or multiple use, often lead to gas, and appear chest tightness abdominal distention and other symptoms. Some people think ginseng is a kind of tonic. They think it's good for the body. That's the wrong idea. Whether it is red ginseng or raw ginseng, it must be taken step by step in the process of eating. In addition, we must pay attention to the seasonal changes. Generally speaking, the weather is cool in autumn and winter, and eating is better; while the weather is hot in summer, it is not suitable to eat.

4. After taking ginseng, avoid radish (including red radish, white radish and green radish) and all kinds of seafood. In ancient medical books, carrots are used to make a living. The modern study of radish for digestion and diuresis is the same as the ancient view. Ginseng is the most important function. The two, one big tonic and one big downdraft, just offset each other. So there is a taboo.

5. Don't drink tea. After taking ginseng, do not drink tea to avoid damaging the function of ginseng.

6. No matter it's fried clothes or stewed clothes, do not use hardware cooker.

7. Ginseng is not allowed to eat with grapes and its nutrition is damaged. Grapes contain tannic acid, which is very easy to combine with Ginseng Protein to form precipitate, affecting absorption and reducing efficacy.

How about fresh ginseng and wolfberry wine? The answer to this question requires you to read the above article. The participation of fresh people in wolfberry is an excellent traditional Chinese medicine, and the combination of them is also very good. Only when choosing herbs, pay attention to their performance, the quality of herbs, and the degree of wine. After soaking, it should be stored for a period of time, and then it can be drunk after the efficacy volatilizes. The best time is about a month, and the drinking function is more powerful at this time.