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Why does star baldness not grow hair? Why the stars don't grow hair

Many of the hair loss patients are ordinary people in our life. They work in nine to five classes. However, many stars are troubled by hair loss. Some even shave their hair directly, such as Xu Zheng, Meng Fei, Zhang Weijian, etc. many female stars have very high hairline, but the stars are not keen on hair transplantation. Why?

1. Celebrity hair transplants are not public

Tom Brady is a football star. According to foreign media, Brady visited hair regeneration experts in 2008 and 2010, but he never commented on it publicly. So the fight against hair loss is also a cause that football stars have been fighting for. We can also know that some celebrities, even if they are struggling to find a way to treat hair loss, will not be released to the public.

2. To cover up with a wig

Stars are in the spotlight. Spotlights need hair. Most of the time, we can't see a star's hair loss. Maybe we can't imagine that it's to maintain a perfect image in front of the camera. Behind the scenes, they may have used more advanced medical care, or they may have taken wigs. It sounds funny, isn't it, but it does exist.

3. PS masked hair loss

For female stars, the common hairline problem can be solved through the skillful hands of makeup artists and superb PS. it is difficult for us to contact these female stars in life, so as to avoid exposing the problem of hair loss.

4. Don't care about hair loss

It's always strange to the hairdresser that men like John Travolta and Jude Law don't have hair transplants when they have all the money in the world and have serious hair loss. Obviously, their hair is very important to their work, no hair will affect their life. We know Travolta has a wig and Jude & Middleton; law has a wig, but why not have a transplant?

These people are rich, famous and usually feel good about themselves. No one likes to lose their hair, but many find that despite this, they are confident to move on - probably just because they don't feel the need for hair transplants.