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Can dragon fruit lose weight? Preparation of Pitaya slimming enzyme

when it comes to pitaya, we are all familiar with it. Pitaya belongs to the king of fruits, and its nutritional value is quite high. Many netizens like to eat pitaya to lose weight. Can eating pitaya lose weight? How to make pitaya slimming enzyme.


Fire dragon pulp 800g mineral water 6L sugar 800g apple and banana 300g lemon & lsquo; 1 by 2 (large with 1) and wind enzyme bucket and a full set of tools 10L.

Method of pitayanase:

Clean and dry the ferment barrel with the wind.

800 grams of Pitaya flesh, cut into small pieces, 300 grams of apple and banana, put in sugar, mineral water or pure water (the big bottle sold in the supermarket). Add lemon (lemon is required)

Try to choose fresh fruits in the season, not too ripe or damaged; peel when you are not sure whether you can clean the peel pesticides and wax; cut small pieces of small dice and remove the core of hard fruits. After the fruit is peeled and cored, weigh the net weight.

4. Add water before entering the barrel, and ensure that the measurement standard is correctly pasted and then add sufficient water. Add 6 L for 10 L barrels and 3 L for 5 L barrels.

5. Add enough fruit and sugar, 10 L barrels of 2 jin fruit and 2 jin sugar; 5 L barrels of 1 jin fruit and 1 jin sugar. Sugar can be reduced appropriately according to personal taste, no less than 750g in 10L barrels and no less than 375g in 5L barrels.

6. Keep in mind that all materials are put into the barrel and stirred until the sugar melts. Cover. If it's ice sugar, it's suggested to break it and put it into the bucket for melting.

7. Stir once in the morning and evening every day, and mix well. Remember to observe the bubble changes every day.

The judgment basis for the successful filling of enzyme fermentation: observe the change of bubbles in enzyme fermentation every day, the bubbles will be more and more in the first few days. Remember to use pH test paper to check whether the pH value of enzyme fermentation liquid is 3-5, indicating that the enzyme is in stable fermentation, when the bubbles start to decrease, it can be filled 1-2 days later. At this time, the taste of the enzyme is sour and sweet. It smells a little wine. Sometimes it tastes like some soda. At this time, it's completely ready to be filled.

Filling and filtering: after the fermentation of fruit enzyme is successful, the filtered fruit residue can be filled for drinking, and the cold storage taste is better.

Drinking suggestion: drink 300-400ml every day, 2-3 times.


Only pitayanase is the best to drink. It can be used for 5-6 days in summer, and other functions of Fenglai enzyme barrel:

1. It is used to make yoghurt, natto, pickle, Yuan water, etc.

2. It is used to wash rice and cook rice with water stored in ferment barrel of Hefeng. The rice will be fragrant and improve the taste

3. It is used to soak and wash fruit, and can quickly remove chemical pesticide residues on fruit epidermis.

4. Put the tap water in the bucket, let it stand for an hour, and then water the flowers and plants, which can help the plants and prolong the flowering period.

5. The self-made return water can generate return water with high nutritional value when the drinking water is placed in the bucket for 6-8 hours.