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How to view wechat friends? What software can see wechat visitors

Many people like to check their friends occasionally. Who is more concerned about themselves? But many friends wonder why wechat can't be like QQ, and they can check the visitor record? Recently, there are a lot of software on the Internet that can view wechat circle of friends visitors, so how to view wechat circle of friends visitors? What software can watch wechat visitors?

First of all, we need to know that wechat is not allowed to see the records of visitors, and there is no record for you to see other people's photos in the circle of friends. You can comment interactively, but your friends will not see you if they can only see each other. Wechat friend circle does not display the visitor record, and the number of visitors must be kept in mind that only comments or likes can be seen.

So Xiaobian thinks that wechat friend circle visitor viewer is not necessarily true, so we suggest that you should not use wechat friend circle visitor viewer easily to avoid any virus in error.

WeChat used to be unable to see the visitor space, but recently, many WeChat official account has developed small functions. Users need to start a link from their official account to their friends' circle first. After a minute, you will know it!

However, some users said after the experiment that. After forwarding to the circle of friends, they will directly show "who saw him" and click in when they know it. Although friends click in the forwarding link, they will be able to show the friend's head and name on the page, but the user feels that the official account is not very good.

It's the same as the mode of generating links. If people in wechat friends don't click in, they still can't view visitors. So there is no way to check the visitor record at present. You need to know that once you send this message from wechat circle of friends, except for those you block, you will have a chance to see it.

What software do friends have to view? This is the introduction of the editor who checks the contents of the friends circle visitors. It is suggested that the software editor who checks the friends circle visitors should be cautious and not click in randomly to avoid poisoning and loss.