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How to adjust the temperature of home refrigerator? What's the best temperature for the refrigerator

Refrigerators are available at home. Refrigerators have a very good effect on food insurance. How much is the best refrigerator? Let's learn from Xiaobian today. In fact, simple tips can make home life more economical.

How to adjust the temperature of refrigerator

We all know that there is a turntable on the top half of the refrigerator that can adjust the temperature. You need to adjust the temperature to rotate the turntable. There is a temperature range of 0-7 in the refrigerator. The larger the number, the lower the temperature in the refrigerator. Of course, it's not that the lower the temperature is, the better. The demand for temperature is different in different seasons.

How much is the temperature of the refrigerator

In summer, the outdoor temperature is high, and the temperature can be adjusted in 3-4 gear, generally around 4 ℃ - 6 ℃; this not only ensures the shutdown rate of the refrigerator, but also ensures the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator. On the contrary, it will cause the refrigerator to turn on for a long time or not to shut down;

In winter, the ambient temperature is low, and the temperature can be adjusted at 5-7, generally around 2 ℃ - 4 ℃; in winter, because of the low ambient temperature and fast heat dissipation, refrigerators without automatic winter temperature switch function need to use strong gear or turn on the low temperature compensation switch when the ambient temperature is lower than 16 ℃, so as to ensure the startup rate and refrigeration effect of refrigerators. On the contrary, the refrigerator will not turn on or defrost.

In spring and autumn, the temperature control can be adjusted to 2-3; when the room temperature is lower than 10 ℃, the temperature controller should be set to the position of '6'. Some refrigerators have zero gear, which means the refrigeration can be closed. It can also be operated according to the instructions on the refrigerator.

How to save electricity in refrigerator

Adjusting the temperature of the refrigerator correctly can save a lot of electricity and prolong the service life of the refrigerator. Many families shoot two hawks with one arrow, and this will result in overcapacity. They might as well plug in the refrigerator and put the food in a concentrated way, so that they can keep the refrigeration temperature and reduce the electricity consumption of the refrigerator.