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What's the price of blood swallow? What are the precautions for eating red swallow

How much is the price of the blood swallow on the market? The price of the blood swallow varies according to the quality. The price of the blood swallow on the market generally varies from 38 to 60 yuan per gram. In addition, the price of the blood swallow depends on the place of origin, form, purchase channel, etc.

Because of the periodic physiological response of the Golden Swallow to secrete saliva to build nest before laying eggs, there is no difference in the quality of the bird's nest collected three times a year. Blood swallow is mainly produced in Thailand's Roland rock mountain, Kangshi mountain and songka mountain. It's not like the legend that it was formed by the blood of swallows. According to the data, the quality of the red swallow is actually inferior to that of the white swallow, and the aroma and the composition of the soaked hair are not as good as that of the white bird's nest. The red swallow is only valuable in recent years.

The white swallow is a beige or milky bird's nest, and the iron red one is a red swallow. Bai Yan is also called Guan Yan. In ancient imperial palace, Gong Yan has two kinds: Dong Yan and Wu Yan. Today, most of them are Wu Yan. Blood swallow is not the rumor that swallow spits blood and gets red, but it is a kind of cave swallow. Minerals enter the bird's nest through the seepage of rock wall, and those with high iron content become red. Because of their small amount and rich in minerals, the price is expensive.

How much is a gram of blood swallow

Throughout the price of bird's nest market in China, the price ranges from ten yuan a gram to more than 100 yuan a gram. The price of bird's nest on the market is uneven, which is mainly determined by different purchase channels and quality levels.

What are the causes of blood swallow

1、 Swallows build nests on the walls of caves containing minerals, which penetrate into the nests and form red nests.

2、 The food of swifts is mainly insects. In some areas, because the flowers and leaves of plants have red pigment, the insects have the plant bile pigment inside the plant body, and the swallows have the pigment in their saliva after eating the insects, they make red bird's nests

。 3、 The bird's nest protein turns red after being eroded by bacteria, which has lost its nutritional value.

4、 Artificial staining. So we can judge the quality of bird's nest according to the price.

The blood bird's nest is rich in active glycoprotein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, vitamins and other natural nutrients and minerals, which are easily absorbed by the human body. It is indeed a very precious natural tonic, with the functions of nourishing yin and kidney, clearing heat and spleen, moistening lung, nourishing face, and prolonging life. Moreover, because the blood bird's nest is not cold and not dry, it is an excellent product for all seasons.

Precautions for eating red swallow

1. Step by step

If you want to take bird's nest as a supplement, you must follow the principle of step-by-step. You can't eat it once in a while or eat a lot in a day. These are not correct and will make your body unable to absorb the effect of bird's nest.

2. It's Kim in the morning

The best time to eat bird's nest is between 5:00 and 7:00 in the morning. At this time, the stomach is empty. It's the fastest and most comprehensive time for the body to absorb nutrients. A bowl of bird's nest nutrients can be fully absorbed in about 15 minutes, providing sufficient nutrients for the hard work of the day.

3. Night service is medicine

Bird's nest has the effect of moistening the lung and resolving phlegm. If it is taken at 11 or 12 o'clock at night or before going to bed, it can help relieve the symptoms of lung disease and cough. The long-term effect of taking bird's nest is comparable to that of drug treatment.

4. Persevere

If you want to achieve the effect, you need to persevere. At the beginning, you need to eat an appropriate amount of bird's nest every day, and at the end, you can use it every other day, so that you can achieve a better effect.