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Improve sleep quality and healthy life

In this fast-paced era, everyone's pace is fast, everyone is in a hurry, busy every day, staying up late, working overtime is always there, the night is too late to rest, many times still insomnia, but also early to get up, most people's sleep quality is really poor. Poor sleep quality not only affects work efficiency, but also affects our physical and mental health. So how can we improve our sleep quality? Let's share some tips for improving sleep quality with Xiaobian!

Poor sleep quality is closely related to our living habits. As long as we adjust our living habits, our sleep quality will improve a lot. We should remind ourselves to form good living habits and take a rest at the best sleep time. Generally speaking, we need 8 hours of sleep every day and go to sleep after 10 every night. If you don't get enough sleep, you can take a nap at noon to make up for the lack of sleep at night.

Creating a suitable and good sleep environment is an effective way to improve the quality of sleep. A quiet bedroom and comfortable bedding are necessary for a good sleep. The bed should be comfortable, and the pillow should be soft and hard. Try to be warm in winter and cool in summer. Meanwhile, keep the air clean, suitable for room temperature, ventilation, flowers and plants. The environment is good. The improvement of sleep quality can not be separated from the correct sleep posture. Generally, it is recommended to lie on the right side, slightly bend the legs, relax naturally, put one hand on the upper leg before putting the elbow on the pillow.

It's important to remind you not to overeat before you go to sleep. Don't eat too much spicy and stimulating food, and don't drink drinks with excitement. For example, strong tea, coffee, etc. can drink some food before sleep, such as longan, milk, walnut, honey, red dates, etc. Soaking a hot foot before going to bed can also help you fall asleep quickly. We can also carry out psychological suggestion, before going to bed remember not to daydream Xiaobian has shared so much. I hope you can use the tips mentioned by Xiaobian to improve your sleep quality and live a healthy life. Have a good dream!