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How many days of May 1, 2019? Why is there only one day off on May 1st this year

The general office of the State Council officially announced the holiday arrangement in 2019. The holiday arrangement has been announced. People immediately noticed that the May Day holiday in 2019 is only one day off. After all, people are still very sensitive to the holiday. So why only one day off in May Day? Let Xiaobian tell you the reason today.

Recently, the general office of the State Council released the 2019 holiday arrangement, which has been discussed by many netizens. Many people also noticed that the May Day holiday in 2019 is not a day off, but only a day off. This makes many farmers who plan to go out on May 1 next year say that they are "very hurt". In the past, May 1 was a "Seven Day Golden Week", but later it was adjusted to three days. Then, in 2019, the May Day holiday is just one day off, which makes many farmers' friends tease that 'may day has become a real labor day. '

Why does 51 in 2019 only have one day off? In fact, we can see that may 1, 2019 is exactly Wednesday, so it's not easy to have a rest. In fact, as early as new year's day in 2014, there was only one day off, because it was also Wednesday, and there was no continuous rest.

But some netizens said it was also a good thing. Because in May Day holiday, the experience of traveling is not very good. Although may day has time to go out to play, but many tourist attractions are more numerous. And maybe the road will be more 'blocked', facing the embarrassment of 'people crowded', and so only one day off, I can take advantage of this day to have a good rest without going out to play, which saves me the embarrassment of 'people crowded' and 'traffic jam'.

But there is also a way for friends who want to go out. We can ask for leave on Monday, May 29, 2019 and Tuesday, May 30, 2019, or from Thursday, May 2, 2019 to Friday, May 3, 2019. In this way, we can have five days' holiday on the double day and have time to go out. And I can take this time to visit my family.

In fact, the May day long holiday is only one day off. Part of the reason is that the positive benefits of May Day holiday are on Wednesday, so it is not easy to take a compensatory holiday.