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How to prohibit WPS pop-up ads? WPS disable pop up ads setup tutorial

WPS is an excellent free office software made in China. Compared with office, it performs well in compatibility and other aspects, but usually there are many advertisements, such as WPS pop-up ads, WPS hot spots and so on, which are really annoying. So how to prohibit WPS pop-up ads, WPS hot recommendation, etc. Let's take a look at how to set up a tutorial to remove WPS pop-up ads, hot spots, etc.

There are many ways to remove pop-up ads from WPS, for example, there are many ways to modify system files on the network, but it involves operations that many people don't understand, and there may be problems in the case of not operating well. In fact, a built-in advertising function has been built for us in WPS, which is simpler and more efficient. Let's follow Xiaobian to see how WPS pop-up advertising is prohibited?

1. First, we click the start menu to find the WPS office folder, and then find the item "configuration tool" in the lower menu;

2. Click Advanced in the pop-up dialog box;

3. As shown in the figure below, select other options, and you will see that there are three groups of options in the jump window: recommend selected software after upgrade, subscribe to WPS hotspot, and accept ad push, all of which are checked by default. Click the mouse to cancel the '& Radio;' in front;

4. Click to confirm and the annoying pop-up ads will disappear immediately. Although this method can't remove all the ads in WPS, it's also worth trying to make the office environment fresh in less than one minute.

The above steps are to remove the operation steps of banning WPS pop-up ads, WPS hotspot, etc. by canceling the subscription 'WPS hotspot' and 'accepting ad push' functions in WPS, which can be said to be the real free use of WPS' refreshing version '. However, I hope that you can support the development of original software.