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Who are the three villains in the propaganda? Luomingxuan can only rank second

The show "Zhaoyao" is in the process of being updated. Li chenlan, the son of the devil played by Xu Kai, is very fond of Lu Zhaoyao, played by white deer. Their love play is really the biggest attraction of the play. However, the relationship between the male and female owners in the play is not smooth sailing, and the presence of some villains among them has also caused a lot of trouble. Now let's check who are the three villains in the propaganda.

"Zhaoyao" has won the favor of many audiences by virtue of sweet favourite's plot. The interaction between the hero and heroine in the play is very interesting, but it can't be ignored that the villains in the play. The editor has made an inventory of the more famous villains in the play and ranked them for their force value. Luo Mingxuan, known as "golden Fairy" in the book, can only rank second.

The third Liu suruo

Liu suruo is a big villain in the early stage. Her husband is the most respected person of all sects, Luo Mingxuan. However, Liu suruo is threatened with bloodletting. In order to revive Luo Mingxuan, she has been looking for an opportunity to assassinate the descendants of Qin family. One of the targets of her assassination is to show Qin Zhiyan who is attached to her. However, her force value is not high, so she can only be put at the end of the villain.

Second luomingxuan

Luomingxuan was killed by Zhaoyao twice in the original work, and was sealed to sleep for the second time. Luomingxuan's force value was very high. At the beginning, Zhaoyao assassinated him for nine lives. Originally, because he could be good-natured, Naho luomingxuan killed Zhaoyao's grandfather for the so-called right way. Since then, he has been far away from Zhaoyao.

First Jiangwu

Jiang Wu is definitely the first villain in this play. He is also the biggest villain. Compared with Luo Mingxuan, Jiang Wu has done more harm to Zhao Yao and Li chenlan. He almost separated them.

He also has an identity that is worth mentioning, because he is the heart devil of Qin Qianxian, and Li chenlan is the same species. When he died, he turned into smoke and penetrated into Li chenlan's body, which greatly changed Li chenlan's character. Fortunately, Li chenlan was reborn after 10 years of purification in the cave.

Of course, there are many villains in Zhaoyao. These three people are quite representative, especially Jiang Wu, who is unrestrained and ruthless. He is the number one enemy between Zhaoyao and lichenlan.